“Cameroonians In the INDUSTRY”… Episode II —– BUSINESS & MUSIC

OK people…Another “….IN THE INDUSTRY” episode…lol! Thanks for the feedback on the first post. As per popular demand, I decided to continue…lol!This episode is on Business & Music. Honestly there is a lot of talent, brains and creativity out there so I had split the features into themes.


Investor Extraordinaire…Cyrille Nkontchou is the “founder of the first pan-African, online trading platform” …Liquid Africa. As per BBC…” Buying shares online has fallen out of fashion. And buying African shares has never been in fashion. But now one man is trying to change all that..”

“ At LiquidAfrica we aim to be a leading brokerage and advisory services firm providing uniting capital with opportunities across the African continent”

Well even if the stock market is non-existent in Cameroon, this guy is making it happen!!


Fete Atelier Event Planning & Design offers “ a full service event and planning studio, specializing in wedding consultation and design” . They also do “exquisite and spectular corporate and social events”

You have to visit www.feteatelier.com . I was soo damn impressed!!After checking out a few pics in the “Portfolio”..Two things….”Creativity” and “Attention to Detail”.

The owner describes herself…“ I am a quirky 30something NYer. Have always been artsy and am involved in numerous creative ventures at the moment. Part floral artist, social and lifestyle consultant, fashion guru and stylist, interior decorator… I dabble in a plethora of projects which allow me to fully express my self artistically.”……Seriously why would you not want to talk about a person like this!! Hats up to you chica…

The Blu Lounge and Grill is the fab spot in Bethesda, MD. “Blu represents an ultra louging design and ambiance. Bridging borders our Afro-induced international cuisine. But creates an environment were food,drinks and music are enjoyed in good company. Our food tantalizes the palette with sensual and savoury dishes…” If they describe place so, why you no go want go day..Chai…lol!!Apparently the guy who owns this place, is a Donald Trump in the making?? I am very very proud!!!

http://www.blu-lounge.com/ ….This seems to be the “happening” place…the “I WEAR AFRICA” event will be held @ Blu. You should know about this event..Check out the “I WEAR AFRICA” page on FB please!!!

Food for Thought : I am sure there are a lot of Paysans, both at home and in the diaspora want to open businesses and do great things. Look at the examples above, people are doing big things outside..Is it that the “environment” in Cameroon does not encourage investment? Is the process of creating and maintaining a business so cumbersome in pays? Please share your thoughts!!


Debra Debs is definitely “Miss Follow Me”…this lady can “sang” to say the least or for lack of a better word!!Her Influences are “ d’angelo, jill scott, erykah badu, alicia keys, kanye, musiq, boys2men, stevie wonder, luther vandross, jaheim…” OK these people need to seriously watch out for this sensation!! If they be fit describe voice as “Exquisite” or “Exotic”..in short you need to check out http://www.myspace.com/missfollowme

Enjoy music for the soul… “Awake”… “Even in your sleep awake with me…”

Ten Thumbs up Chica!!

As per our PR extraordinaire Ngum on Ngu Mbandi’s music… “ His style is “new age” with an unmistakable African touch. Think Enya and Pan Pipe with some zouk to take things full circle”

While some of us were busy enjoying the “jist world” of school, this guy was taking music seriously… “I was more interested in popular music but my piano teacher insisted on teaching only classical music”. The music is just “too much”…Check out his informecial..I just love it..This just made me very proud to be “GRAFFI”


…..As per the informecial “ From The Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe and the Serengeti of East Africa to The Sahara Deserts of North Africa, the continent of Africa is abundantly rich in natural beauty” Habaa, people sabi weti for talk…damn!!and oh..Did I mention that I am a fan..Check out his page on FB!!!

www.mbandimusic.com ….. “Shades of Pearl”… I no go type all the albums.…Just go and listen!!

Nkeng Alemanji’s songs are truely from Above !! “My name’s difficult for some,” Nkeng says, he uses SongsFromAbove to name his work…” ..“Singer/songwriter & record producer Cole, is a delightful new voice in music. ‘Simple As I Am’ won Finalist in Song of The Year contest (Vh-1 Save the Music). I listened to a sample of the song and I understand why it won the award! Seal and Paul Simon get competition oh. Some reviews “the brightest spot on the show”…The Vine! “his voice.. his songs..are engaging..the melody is hyponotic”..International A & R co.

Check out http://SongsFromAbove.com… The vocal arrangement of his songs are just on point!!

My peeps…Please stand up for StevesLil… who is rep’ing big time in our very own Molyko in Buea!“Another person who started young…”In PCSS Buea, he formed a gospel accapella band called “Boyz in the wilderness which later become “Boyz on Zion” in 1998. This band earned fame in campus and was highly reputed”

Njang Stephen Mbu aka StevesLil..di rep’ oh! “Playing I can” ft Adjusta (Can someone give me more info on this singer?) “I go make you understand better…I go make you feel my beats better”…..”…ahah wetin day…Baby u day use me di play…”..Seriously “breaking it” in pidgin too… This song is the latest on my play list!!


Menoosha says “The pinker the voice, the better the sound”…R & B sensation in Germany is making waves…”GIVIN IT UP”….”You make me wanna dance”… “I feel you”…I am feeling the song! Would have loved to share reviews but they are all in GERMAN!!

“Born and growing up in Abidjan (Ivory Coast),……Menoosha was exposed from an early age, to hot afro beat sounds, as well as contemporary R&B, rock and soul vibrations. She can boast about having been one of the kids who were allowed to stay up late… to sing on stage. With a child choir “Les Oiseaux du Monde” (Birds of the world), she opens for Kool & the Gang and Stevie Wonder in 1988.”

“Menoosha’s vocals are recognizable on the latest official song to promote the newest Skoda car creation “Superb”



Also check out her blog, http://menoosha.blogspot.com/

I could not forget my DJs

“The Coalition of Cameroon’s Hottest DJs” . This is a challenge for everyone..Please more names must be added to this list in all “episodes” in the series.. We need to know how many people are in this coalition worldwide!!!

1.DJ Eric Lamlenn —USA

2.DJ Zorzy Zorzi — UK

3.DJ Lewat —- UK

Please take the time to check out these people!!Tell us about people you know “IN THE INDUSTRY”

Thank God it’s Friday

Have nice weekend..


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  1. Great, my dear i must confess. You are also a pioneer in what you are doing. Thumbs up to you too. Let Africa hear Camerouns voice. Isn’t it high time?

  2. You can say that again…Is about time for real…We don di over slack..lol!!Thanks for the thumbs up!!

  3. Thanks for the Fete Atelier Shout out!!!! Thanks also for keeping us in the know about all the creative talent and juices that are out there!

  4. @ Liz..Thanks for stopping by!!We need to shout to the roof tops about our talent!

  5. i love the blogspot.it puts helps up locate cameroon on the internet map. wish i had thought about it first. really inovative and informative. Three thumbs up(i’ll borrow on). lol

  6. @ Yef,
    an interesting read. Just wanna mention that I’ve launched an online Music Podcast. You should check it out: http://www.lewato.co.uk/player
    Let me know what you think. I should also mention that whilst this is just a podcast, a fully optimised website dedicated for the business (DJ LEWAT) is underway… you’ll be able to book only, view my gigs, live feeds etc.

    Keep up to good work.

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