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I am guilty as charged…I LOVE NAIJA MUSIC!!!I lived there for the last 5 yrs so honestly I cannot help it!!I started my career in Nigeria, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I believe that when you live somewhere, you have to take some part of the place with you!!In my case, I made a lot of friends and I love naija music any time any day!!

Someone posted a forum on called “Niagarizing Cameroon“…went on and on about how some Cameroonian girls are beginning to talk like Nigerians…i.e use slang like “shey”..”abi”, dress like Nigerian women, watch Nigerian movies etc!!!Rather than complain, I think we can learn a thing or two from our darling neighbours!!

Nigerians do an excellent job @ marketing…Music, Fashion,Movies…etc..which is the reason why pays (and most of Africa) is embracing a lot of their culture!There are so many sites & bloggers out there promoting the Nigerian Brand!!Eg. (Music Blog), (for jists and info on Fashion,Entertainment news..etc),, “Celebrating The Nigerian”..just to name a few!!

Paysans are very good at embracing what is foreign!!Look at coupe decaler..I sure say we di dance am now sef pass!As per “Don Chap” on the same forum on, “CAMEROONIANS IN GENERAL ARE CONSUMERS ..NOT INNOVATORS”!Which is so true because we are so quick in adopting what is “sold” (with good marketing of course!!!) to us rather than creating and promoting what is ours!!We seriously need to start promoting our CAMEROONIAN Brand!!There is soo much talent at home and in the diaspora!We are not dragging our feet though…Cameroonian Bloggers are doing their best to promote us..Watch this space for the next “IN THE INDUSTRY” episode!!

Sorry I know this post is about Naija Music on my playlist…But I just had to get that off my chest!!

D’Banj—The Kokomaster is the best!!!As e don “Fall in Love”….”Water don pass garri”…Songs from his album “The Entertainer” on my playlist..”Gbono Feli Feli”, “Suddenly” & of course “Fall in Love”

Wande Coal—Another guy of the Mohits Crew!!I cannot wait to get his that I can “Bumper to Bumper” and listen to “Taboo”…legally…lol!

Amplifyd Crew—My younger brother introduced me to their music 2 yrs ago with “Naija Until I Die”..I love “Big Skirls” ft ID Cabasa…which is the theme song for the hit movie “JENIFA”

eLDee Da Don—who is a “Big Boy” and truely the Da Don..”Big Boy” is a “tight” collabo ft Olu Maintain, Oladele & Banky W.I also like “Bosi Gbangba”.

Banky W—has a very “CAPABLE” album…I love “Ebute Metta”..the Naija Umbrella Remix & “Capable”…So what are you Capable of??

Naeto C—-With heavy “P’….”Kini Big Deal” is an instant HIT!!

MI—“Is the greatest” as he put it..You have to listen to “Ilegal Music” best samples are “I am Hot” (Gbono Feli Feli Sample), “Misty Blue” (Dorothy Moore Sample) & “Loopy Ballers”. This album is look for it online!!

Killz—I just watched the video of his song “Like You” ft Wande Coal.

2 Shotz—“Fast Money” ft

ID Cabasa—-“Independence Song” ft Banky W…”..When NEPA takes the light, we will make it through the night”…NEPA/PHCN really needs to stop taking light…lol!

Styl Plus—“Drives Me Crazy” Remix ft 2 Shotz & Big Lo

Sasha—-First Lady of STORM RECORDS can rappppp!!!I love “Strong Thing” & “Adara”

J Martins—- “Money Good” ft ID Cabasa & 9ice, “Good or Bad” ft Timaya

9ice— “Gongo Aso” & “Street Credibility” ft 2face…”Omo na turn by turn, Beg baba God make a reach your turn eh…”

A lot of these songs are in a mix of languages…But then..Good music is Good music!!


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