The African First Ladies Health Summit was held in Los Angeles California. The event was a two-day summit (April 20/21) focused on health, women’s issues and HIV/AIDS in Africa. Great Initiative by the First Ladies!!One question comes to mind…Why did they have to go all the way to the US of A to hold this summit?

My dear friend, Uche C. sent me a link which had the pics below..A forum on Naija called “SOMEONE SHOULD TEACH THESE AFRICAN FIRST LADIES HOW TO SIT. BEFORE THEY EXPOSE ALL..”

From L-R.
First Ladies Adelcia Barreto Pires of Cape Verde, Chantal Biya of Cameroon, Ana Paula Dos Santos of Angola, and Queen Inkhosikati LaMbikiza of Swaziland during the African First Ladies Health Summit in Los Angeles April 20, 2009.

Just a few comments & Observations:

On an event like this, there are cameras everywhere…So the “Unperfect” moments are caught on Candid Camera!!

And the reason for the Umbrellas is? Well it looks like it was a very sunny day….

Our Darling First Lady Madame Chantou is seriously reducing our Rep with her Mane…

The Belle of the pics is the Queen of Swalizand on the right with the cream outfit!!

Madame Chantou was even rubbing shoulders with Paris Hilton at the event Gala..In short no comments!!

All I can say is that the case of Madame Chantou’s Hair is a very serious one!!

Photos courtesy of search for “African First Ladies Health Summit”…lots of pictures!!


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  1. She needs to hang out with Paris more, she might convience her to do something with that hair.

  2. Seriously,she needs to do something about this her “Mane”.My mother says she does this hairstyle so as to look old considering her husband’s(the president) age.But i think we all are used to the idea of our president being married a lady far younger than him. so the hait really needs to be put down.

  3. Can someone pls get in touch with Mama Chantou’s hair dresser and ask her to do something?I hope Paris hilton advised her on how to deal with the hair too

  4. yeah.her hair does look like mane which made her outstanding

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