Camers “IN THE INDUSTRY” are doing great !Two wonderful artists featured on ” THE INDUSTRY” series (Episode I & II respectively) have released ..”C’est La Vie”..If you are paysan (as in correct one…lol!) you should know this song (by Henry Dikongue). This rendition is just off the hook..


Talented Artists…. Nde Ndifonka aka Wax straight out of Jo’burg & Miss Follow me, Debra Debs rep’ing in London!

I love the beats..the production is point

Their voices compliment each other… Talent day outside oh my people!

The back up “singers” come in at the right time and sound really good!

Lyrics… are “too mad”…” A little dose of your breath, a child is born…”….”Blow them away, Kiss away, the tears of yesterday, it’s so bright, it’s Ok, Just like a brand new day…”
After listening a couple of times..you just have to sing….

Infact this is just a “tight” collabo ! The Camers-Rep-ing in SA & UK…a “Wax-MissFollow me ” experience!

I hope we start having more collaborations “IN THE INDUSTRY”……

So what Music Genre is this? It seems like a mix……Ok..I don’t know what to write..’cause I am not a guru on this..lol! So??

Enjoy…….It is definitely one for the replay… “C’est La vie, C’est La vie”..

So are you feeling this song or what?

Download “C’est La Vie” …Sorry I cannot post the song!I don’t know how to!..Ok. something new I need to learn in my Blogging 202 class!!

Enjoy the rest the week…C’est La Vie….. Try to enjoy life….no matter how stressful it gets!!


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  1. Aren’t there like look requirements for musicians? If ur face too wowo u suppose go do standup comedy ………… just saying. BTW, I’m refering to d guy in grey monkey suit.

  2. Nna Bros, why the !!COCONUT YAM!! are you hating? Oh, I forgot it’s a hater’s job to hate. But even if you want to do that, why don’t you try and be constructive about it?

    Shame on you for lack of intellect.

  3. @ Nnabros…na wah for you oh….na weti sef?

    @ Meenosh..na small I beg

    No hating please…we have to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters IN THE INDUSTRY!!

  4. @Satellite Brown Chick: The fact of the matter is that the guy looks very local. Don’t you see as Naija musicians look like? They dress well n look presentable. This guy ………. I just don’t know ………. doesn’t he know he is in the bizness of entertainment n looks are very IMPORTANT. You guys keep on talking about taking Camer music to the next level but don’t understand that it’s all in the packaging and the things u take for granted ………. To reiterate, DRESSING and LOOKS are very IMPORTANT

    The best way to encourage is give them constructive criticism. So my advice, he needs a makeover.

  5. @ Nna Bros: okay now you are getting more constructive. But I must say I do not know what you mean by “local looks” not working. Is it because Wax’s picture hasn’t been air-brushed? Or because he didn’t bleach his skin to fit more to hollywood standards?

    Being a singer myself, I know that the world of show business is very demanding. But my dear, THERE ARE NO RULES. Have you seen T-Pain? How ridiculously he dresses up? How Anthony Hamilton’s beard hasn’t been shaved for ages? Have you seen what the great Joe Cocker looks like? And yet they have their audience and they are doing EXTREMELY WELL. Because they are true to what they want to project about themselves.

    So my conclusion is, the only one true rule of show business is that you have to have an audience, a demand. Full stop. All the rest depends on individuals.

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