“Welcome to Washington DC”. Home of this year’s “premier Bui Cultural Event” in the U.S of Aayyy!!Yes people see you in “THE DISTRICT”! Be there or miss out!!!

Event: BFU USA National Convention

Dates: July 22 – 25th 2010

Venue: The Hilton Rockville Hotel, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Theme: “Knowledge Through Education Begets Empowerment”

You are invited to the

Culture Evening Dinner on Friday, July 23 rd 2010 @ 7 pm &

Gala Night @ 9pm on Saturday, July 24th 2010 @ 9 pm

For more information on the convention, check out the Convention Site

Bui Family Union (BFU) – USA aims to raise $50,000 to “support key initiatives in Culture, Education & Health”. As emphasized in this year’s convention theme, the focus for the next fiscal year is EDUCATION.

OK is events like this, organized by associations of this calibre that make me very proud of my ROOTS. I think I have the right to say that I am “Nso to the Bone”

I can answer the question “What/Where is your compound?”….lololol..(Sorry, inside joke)…My compounds are:Maternal – “Mbonyar, Ntsenkar, Mbikiyy”, Paternal – ” Kah, Ngairin, Ntseng”..I know my lamnso spelling is terrible…but i applaud my! My grandfather settled in “Ndzengvev”……OK “gvev” means “chicken”…so go figure…The youth section of NGVEVDA (Development Association) is “Won Ngvev”,translation “chicks”…….

On a more serious note, this is the EVENT you want to attend!!It will be a display of Culture and leadership in community & sustainable development.

“….In 2008-2009, through our partnership with Kumbo Development and Orientation Centre (KUDOC), we provided school supplies to 1,622 elementary school children in six schools in three

subdivisions of Bui Division, namely: Jakiri, Nkum and Kumbo.

Nine schools have been identified in Nkum, Oku, Mbiame, Kumbo and Jakiri subdivisions to receive school supplies. Cost is about$3 per kid. Goal-3378 elementary school children

BFU-USA needs your support to achieve this very noble initiative and much more!!

Tarbinlam Lafon: BFU USA National President

I cannot wait to put my “contri dance” shoes on…Will You??

See you in “The District” in July!!



Keep checking for updates on the event & other information….

Ps: I need to figure out how to embed videos on this blog!!!


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