Bui Family Union (BFU) – U.S.A.: $50,000 by the thousand

Dear Members and Fans alike,

As we continue our convention countdown, permit me provide a high-level insight into the $50,000 fundraising target we have set and re-emphasize some of our philosophical perspectives as we serve our Union. I will start with the latter. We strongly believe that we (BFU-USA) are uniquely positioned to make a tremendous impact on the future of our communities as an enabler of sustainable economic development. We all know that a healthy and appropriately educated society can be a very productive society, though these are not the only ingredients. Our hope is that the impact derived from our projects/initiatives enables our communities become sustainable economic societies, even with the other obstacles beyond our control. To this end, we continue to broaden the scope / interpretation of our traditional three focal areas of culture, education and health. The examples below should give you an idea of our philosophical and strategic approach:

In Culture
In Bui: Culture preservation (Infrastructure, technology, language, documentation), Cultural Education, Cultural Health initiatives, etc.
In the US: Cultural Education / Awareness (cultural seminars, books, videos, pamphlets, etc), Cultural participation (community outreach, convention events, etc), Cultural preservation (virtual library, etc), Cultural Dissemination (celebration, competition, literature and arts), etc.
In Education
In Bui: Technical education, financial education, entrepreneur education (including funds for incubators), sponsorship of higher education grants (including health grants, research grants), collaboration with institutions of higher learning here in the US and back home to facilitate exchange programs, research grants, education infrastructure / technology, cultural education, healthy education, etc.
In the US: Networking events, Career Workshops (resume critique, writing, career options, etc), Financial Education, Education Support (scholarships, recommendation letters, etc), Information Portal (for information dissemination), collaboration with institutions of higher learning here in the US and back home to facilitate exchange programs, etc.
In Health
In Bui: Health infrastructure and technology (equipment, building, technology), Health Supplies, Water Initiatives, Sanitary hygiene (in schools, etc), Health Awareness (“Cook & Eat Right” campaigns, preventive hygiene, Mental Health, Nurse Empowerment), public sanitation, etc.
In the US: Health Awareness (preventive care, proper dietary habits, proper hygiene, etc), Health Walks/Drives, Life Insurance, etc.
This expanded scope allows us to engage in far-reaching areas. It assists us in applying for a wide variety of funds/grants. It helps us address the needs of our communities better and most importantly requires us to challenge our own limited imaginations of how we get things done. So as we continue down the familiar path, we will trail new ground and new opportunities.So how does this tie back to the fundraising target? That is the $50,000 question!

And I’ll address that in the next set of mails on this topic. Until then, we welcome your feedback.
Best Regards,
Tarbinlam Lafon
BFU-USA National President
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Join our darling dynamic designer duo, Kibonen & Anrette & the Kirette Couture Team for a Fashion Show during the Culture Evening Dinner on Friday, July 23 rd 2010 @ 7 pm.

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Counting down to a fun-filled weekend in “THE DISTRICT”


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