Hello people..Where did 2010 go? This year went by really fast…. It is that time of the year when we take stock of our lives, make resolutions (I am terrible at sticking to mine…so i don’t bother anymore!!) and thank God for the wonderful blessings bestowed on us in the last year.

DRIVING is a very big risk..especially in this festive season!

Here are a few tips (from a safety presentation given at work a couple of years ago!!)

Get a good night’s sleep before travelling
Make sure your vehicle is in good condition
Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going
Avoid eating heavy meals, as this can lead to drowsiness
If you drink ……………..DON’T DRIVE
Make sure everybody in your vehicle uses seat belts
Don’t overload your vehicle or obstruct your view with packages
To prepare against emergency, carry an emergency kit that contains
–First aid supplies
–Torchlight with spare batteries
–Spare reserve of water

If you are not comfortable with the terrain….DON’T Drive….Yeah….If you are not comfortable with driving in a foreign country (where you do not live!), DONT!!.

I emphasize on DRIVING because I survived an accident a year ago. I remember last New Year vividly and I thank God everyday for the gift of my life.
….The other driver was in a mad rush to get home to his family after a long day at work on New Year’s eve…and the result……..

2 things saved my life : The seat belt & my height……And the grace of GOD!!

“…..Thank you for keeping me..thank you for blessings me….”…”I am Grateful…yeahhhh…”

Be grateful for all your blessings..Show love to your family, friends, jobs etc..Treasure the little moments…Enjoy life….Have fun..because there is just “One Life to Live”.

Bye Bye 2010…Welcome 2011…To bigger and better things!!

Bonne Annee….Happy New Year!!


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