Bamenda did rock on 26/12/2010!! I am a very proud “graffi” chick…and passionate about events that showcase the talent, creativity and initiative of young paysans!!

KiRette Couture (KC) led fashion houses, Rodrigue Tchatcho, Syl Anim, Tia Mac Ren, Nuvi Designs

and Dilisious Coucou in a mesmerising display of Cameroon-inspired chic.

Ayaba Hotel pool area

PR and Marketing Partners

Votre Avant Garde (VAG)

Hip-hopper, Valsero, R&B group, BAAM, African soul star Landry Njapa and pop act, Excel

Nuvi Designs
Nuvi Designs opened the catwalk with a delightful assortment of wax print cuts. A Touch of showed off a colourful melange of vivid styles and urban cuts.

Dilisious Coucou

Syl Anim

Men in cyclist shorts, a cute model in a hoodie and a fabulous new range of patterned sandals sprang out of Nigeria-based Syl Anim’s hip collection.

Tia MacRen

Up-and-coming trio Tia MacRen kept it fresh and youthful with trendy mini dresses. A futuristic key piece introduced the young brand’s daring side.

Rodrigue Tchatcho

Douala resident, Rodrigue Ttchatcho’s versatility shone through casual creations and detailed evening/bridal gowns.

Kirette Couture

Dramatic, arty and evolutionary sum up KC’s unveiling of its Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Gorgeous, bikini clad models strutted uber trendy jackets adorned with bold prints, bright embroidery and patterned frills while richly textured evening gowns added an edge of sophistication to KC’s latest offering.

A highlight was a vibrant embroidered piece from KC’s newly launched children’s range.

Thumbs up to the organizers, producers, sponsors, designers, models,photographers, PR & Marketing experts etc….It was an amazing event!

KC is raising the bar….Looking forward to BR3!!


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  1. fabulous yef! see u @ BR3!


  2. aaww men! this is one of those things that you dont want to read about. You wanna be there yourself! I am slowly but steadily building my aforchic collection…up next..am eyeing that white gown by KC

  3. Thanks for all and am glad I was part of this event>>> Penjo Entertainment

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