I am inspired by fashion this week.The Cameroonian fashion scene is buzzing and growing… Everyone seems to be into fashion in one way or another these days. It’s a “Camer guy thing” aims to feature male fashion designers…I am very excited about what I see so far!!

4J couture is a product of the creativity and fashion genius of its creators- Dr Bertrand Fote (sir 4te) and Lyonga Esunge (Dr J)

“4J Couture was established to bring up to date fashion to the wardrobes of men who want to dress and feel good. We believe that elegance is an essential part of being a man and we are committed to providing high quality clothing apparel to meet the needs of our customers. We design classic and contemporary European style slim fit suits, blazers and shirts, carefully tailored by our highly experienced tailors. In order to provide a one-stop shopping experience for your complete wardrobe needs, we also carry specially selected accessories, such as belts, ties, shoes and ascots that match the quality of the 4J Couture label…”

What’s the 4J Story?

“…I have liked fashion for a long time and have always been talking – albeit jokingly- of one day getting into the industry. My very good friend (from high school – Sasse) called Lyonga a.k.a Dr J started selling shirts and suits in small scale back when he was in university back home in Cameroon. He always came to me first whenever he had new stuff, because he understood my love for fashion.

As I finished residency and finally settled down financially and time-wise, I told Dr J he needed to get out of his basement and think big. I told him we could make our own designs and take advantage of the Internet etc and really grow big. He bought the idea and we started working towards creating a business venture. It was a perfect match – we both have the love and eye for fashion, I have a business background (MBA), he has over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have been friends since childhood….”…And rest his HIS-TORY!!

“True Elegance” indeed!There’s nothing like a guy in a crisp shirt, suit and tie.Sorry oh, I like fine!Our men love to dress up..So why not get “swagged” up by our very own Camer brothers??

Ehmmmm..why are the ladies left out? I can see myself wearing the shirts in the pics above*wink*…I guess the guys are on the drawing board??

Contact Info

4J Couture
603 Seventh Street Suite 103A
Laurel, MD 20707
Tel: (301) 362 8050
Fax: (301) 362 8051

05/03/2011 : 4JCouture Red Carpet Event ……

TGIT & TIF (Thank God It’s Thursday & Tomorrow is Friday)
Looking forward to a “Spiffy” weekend!

Visit and join the fashion revolution, designed to transform you into a fashion icon.


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  1. Those suits are off the hook. Wore one to a wedding and — oh my! These guys are good! Kudos 4J Couture!

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