Technology Adoption + Sustainable Technology?

Call me a “technophobe” or old-fashioned,but I think technology (meant to improve communication) has made people more “anti-social”.What happened to having a random conversation with someone on the bus or plane, or a phone call? Now it is either “BB to BB”, everyone on their iphone/ipad/laptop/kindle etc.I have a phone book…lesson learnt from phones “crashing”.As per the Technology Adoption Lifecycle,I guess I am a “Laggard”.Are you a/an Innovator,Visionary,Pragmatist,Conservative or Laggard?

There is a lot of focus on business prospects in Africa (Even Walmart is coming to Africa..I tire!). I hope these businesses are developing new technologies or adapting existing ones with the end users/systems in mind.
Developing technology to be used in the developing world has its own challenges…3As & Ss come to mind….
– Availability
– Accessibility
– Affordability
– Simplicity
– Security
– Sustainability

2 Es have been added to the list..As per Sylvie Bello…”Technology in Africa should be 2E for the community….have us Empowered and Engaged…”

What technologies do we need in Africa? …..Which Technologies would you say are Sustainable? What challenges do you face doing business in Africa?

Have a great week ahead.


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