There is soo much talent out there…lots to watch out for..In as much as I am excited with the fashion invasion..I am also loving the MM (Magazine Mania!)

The Immigrant Magazine is “The Voice of Immigrants in America”. It must take a lot to run a magazine for Immigrants in the US of A.”Etats” is what it is today because of Immigration..from Left, right and center of the globe..The info comes in very handy……May be one day me too I go win lottery…lol!

African Vibes Magazine is “Where the world meets Africa”. 5 years running and still standing strong….I love the last cover…cause I am Fally Ipupa groupie…lol!

Wedding Nouveau – “Dream in Culture” I am addicted to this blog meets magazine!Editor, Fri Forjindam Bailey is just a creative genius..I get a lot of creative inspiration from the site!

Dunia Magazine . “Connecting People Across Cultures”. This is one magazine I need to subscribe..I am already hooked to the blog…Very practical and inspiring articles!!

FabAfriq is here to “Inspire, Inform,Innovate, Entertain”…I am definitely feeling the triple I & E. Thumbs up to Adelina & team!

Fashizblack “Are your FASHIZBLACK?”

Cameroon Echoes….My eyes are on this new kid on the block!!I love what I see….Their goal is to To increase Cameroon’s online presence….”

Mboa .”Echos des quartiers”…Love the “everyday news” I get for this site!!

Journal Du Cameroun . “Le Cameroun Dans Le Web”…What else is there to say?

Tip Top Stars. “Promoting Cameroon Film and Talent”…We need a bit of a “Celebrity Culture” in Camer!

Amina – I found out recently that Amina is “Cameroonian”…This magazine has been around for longest time mennn..Since 1972!!All I can say is WOW!!

OK people…Check out the sites…They are definitely worth checking out…

I am on a GLIN (God-Love-Invest-Network) high today…It’s going to be a great week..I can feel it!!

Have a nice week…


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  1. Thanks so much Yef for this post. I'm so happy to see so many Cameroonians on top of their entrepreneurial game and making things happen. The mag biz is becoming more and more popular in Cameroon. MM is here to stay.
    Just want to use this opportunity as well to say Thank you on behalf of the FabAfriq team. FabAfriq is here to the 3 Is and E.

  2. Thanks for listing Dunia! Dunia would gladly offer you a free subscription for acknowledging the goods works of Cameroonians in the industry. Pls stop by and us an email to to get your subscription going. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ladies…thanks a lot for the compliments..

    @Yenih…MM is definitely here to stay!

    @Lema…I will do just that!I look forward to reading my hard copy magazine!

  4. O wow. thanks so much for the link love. If I could gift wrap you guys and display on my prized mantle, I would. And more importantly, thank you for putting me on to some of these other fabtastic sites. I'll DEFINITELY be checking them out.

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