There is one thing that does not hide…TALENT…It doesn’t matter how hard you try…If you have a God-given gift or talent, sooner or later it will be unleashed and revealed!!

Presenting our Designer Extraordinaire….I call her that because her work has no boundaries..I don’t think we have seen everything am sure the best is yet to come!

Fashion Label: SYL ANIM

Designer: Sylvie Anim Mbuta

Location: Lagos,Nigeria

At SYL ANIM creativity and originality are priority. Most of the pieces are handmade and proudly African. Syl Anim’s products include knitted clothes, necklaces, ‘Ankara’ T-shirts, Beads and latest addition are the Gladiator Sandals which are made from African fabric.

Sylvie lives in Lagos, Nigeria and has been in the industry for a couple of years. She has done shows like The Nigeria’s Next Super Model 2009, Nigerian Television Fashion show 2009, Cameroon Top model 2010/, Bamenda Rocks 2009/10, Afric Collection 2010/11.

“My goal is to become a well known African designer and for the SYL ANIM brand to be recognized all over the world. I know that one day (soon and very soon!) celebrities will wear my designs”…says our designer extraordinaire..Sylvie Mbuta!

What is the SYL ANIM story?

“I started designing unofficially in 2008 and officially in 2009.Getting roles as an upcoming actress was difficult so I had to do something with my spare time. Designing came to mind. I have always had a flare for fashion.I wanted my designs to stand out so I chose the untreaded path – CROCHET.I made some pieces for my self and before i knew it I was getting orders from all over! When I put up my designs on Facebook, the orders tripled. People particularly love my designs because they are handmade.

Inspiration & Versatility….

” I get inspiration first and foremost from God.I know a lot of creative people say this but it is the truth…..For example I know that He gave me the idea of designing Gladiator sandals and how to execute it! It has been very successful. Believe it or not, I had a Revelation on Tuesday, March 22nd 2011 and the world will be amazed when I am done. I also get inspiration from things around me i.e. Television, Magazines,on the road etc.

I love to be versatile and I let my ideas just flow .I do not want to limit myself and that is why I knit, make beads, shoes, clothes etc..It will be unfair not to put my God-given talent to use.

I thank my clients for being very supportive and for those who haven’t tried out a SYL ANIM DESIGN, don’t be left out…..”

OK..that was deep!!

Pics, pics and more pics…Enjoy!!

Syl Anim unveiled the “Carribean Collection” at this year’s edition of Afric Collection in Douala!

“….And here comes the Bride…all dressed in Syl Anim…”

At Bamenda Rocks II – December 2010….”Tres Urban Chic”

Syl Anim’s crochet designs are unique..This is a classic example of creativity and talent at its best!!I can’t knit or do any kind of sewing to save my life..So I get for cut this chap seriously!!

Crochet Jewelry….

The designer herself totally rocking the Syl Anim crochet dress and jewelry.

She designs Gladiators too….

Syl Anim at an Exhibition in Yaounde organized by the US Embassy for Black History Month 2011….

Pictures courtesy of Syl Anim & Penjo Entertainment!!
Contact Info
Sylvie, keep doing what you do best. You are an inspiration. The Sky is NOT your limit.
Check out Syl Anim and place your orders!!!

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  1. Yef, u r a darling…thank you for this beautiful writeup….may the good Lord continue to bless ur sweet soul.

  2. I speak for many when I say if you've known Syl for as long as I have, you can not say you did not see this coming……..this amazing butterfly that is soaring and making her impact in the fashion industry and our lives.
    Syl, for all you say and do, we appreciate you and love you. Keep making us proud, your friends and family.

  3. THIS IS MY GIRL! my designer of choice, I love everything she creates and the world is yet to see its next best Afro/American designer. I am so proud to be her representative in the United States. THE BEST OF SYL ANIM IS YET TO COME!!!!!!!

    Bernice Angoh Lakota

  4. She's just a raw talent that has developed into greatness and is still developing to higher heights in time. She's now pushing herself now, harder than ever and she is doing some good things out there. Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. You are Mrs Sylvie Anim Mbuta a talented Genuis.

    Amosa Ndzegha

  5. I wonder if this girl knows what she got?….gosh!!!!! she is very talented.thumbs up!

  6. you are the most creative Cameroonian designer i know.keep up!!

  7. this is creativity at its best.kudos

  8. Syl ur talents are extraodinary.May the good Lord continue to bless u.U are the best.

  9. This wonderful keep up the good work. I'm a big fan.thank you Emmakuch.

  10. Kudos to you Syl…Keep Representing

  11. Who rocks? Syl does! Raw Refined™ – that's Syl Anim!!!

  12. Great Talent Sylvie. May God continue to bless and inspire you.

  13. I have the feeling that u are just half a mile now to the top
    -Collines che

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