To me the two words that best describe this event are ELEGANCE & CLASS

Event: 4J Couture Grand Launching

Date: March 5th 2011
Venue: Martins Crosswinds. 7400 Greenway Center,Greenbelt MD 20770


Everything gets a big check…Venue….Check…The decor was simple and on point!!It seems the guests were hand picked.They definitely “Dressed to Impress”….”Tres Chic and Fab” ladies, HOT guys and ‘N Sync couples…big Check and Check!! Models, Designs, Artists, The vibe and camarderie…..check check and more check!!

A picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t have more to say (or!)….

Part 1 – The Red Carpet.


Welcome to 4J’s launching event: Sir4te & Dr. J on the red carpet (Totally feeling the Burgundy-Green combo)!!

R & B, Hiphop,Pop sensation…Naimo Achu looking absolutely fab!!I love the mohawk..

You are candid camera (and the 4J red carpet!)…Smile.Love the smiles and colours…Sister Sister..Tina & Juliet (Guess who!)

Chicas on a roll….

My darling friend looking great and on point as usual. The lovely Mrs. Martine Atang!

Totally love the hair and outfit!!

OK….Fab Fab and more Fab Couples..

Heine & Lorna..Hot & ‘N Sync!!

I love the black,red and white combo…They are very ‘N Sync!

And the very “dressed to impress” guests continue….
Dr. Barnabas Fote

Innocent Lah….popularly known as Mister Lah!!

Tres Fab et chic…Ms. Leb Atabong

The chick was seriously posing…I like!

And the posing continues….

More Fab Couples…

N’ Sync and on point!

You know a fashion guru when you see one…

Emmanuel Eloundou (Bengjof Couture just had to represent!)

4J Couture meets Bengjof Couture….The guys had too much fun!!

All say….Smile you are on candid camera!!

I love the colour “”

The ladies are just glowing…All say….

Best Friends Forever….

Pictures courtesy of Brinsimage Photography..I love Brinsly’s photography
I am already looking forward to next year’s event.
Stay tuned for PART 2 – The Runway

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