I love any size, shape or form..I should be off cakes for a while..But that is besides the point. I love taking pictures.Cakes included.I am just amazed at the amount of work and detail that goes into making a CAKE.Cake Decorating is definitely an ART. It requires a lot of creativity, talent and attention to detail. You have to transform someone’s vision or idea into an amazing masterpiece… The CAKE!Cakes are usually based on colour combinations, a theme or fascination!!

Introducing Moni’s Cakes…by Cake Decorator, Mrs. Monica Nforbi Taku.

They are yummy…They are “Moni’s Cakes”

Monica Nforbi Taku based in Pretoria, South Africa is married with 2 kids, a boy and girl aged 11 & 9 respectively. She is an alumni of Our Lady of Lourdes and CCAST Bambili. She holds degrees in accounting from the University of Buea and UNISA. Passionate about cakes, she stopped working as an accountant in 2009 and to focus on Moni’s Cakes. She trained in sugar craft for 5 yrs and in Baking and Pastry at the prestigious Pruleith Academy in South Africa.

Wow…..It is great to pursue one’s passion….

Here are a few pictures of Moni’s cakes and the cake decorator herself at work!! Enjoy…


Kiddies Birthday Cakes

Wedding Cakes The Cake decorator herself… Contact Information

Email: ;

Phone +27 82 595 0574 Moni’s Cakes Facebook Page

Moni’s cakes is here for your wedding cakes, birthday and any other celebration cakes!!

Ok people…order your Moni’s Cakes!!

Have a nice week….



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