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They say a picture is worth a thousand words…I love photography!!There is just something about capturing precious moments. It takes attention to detail, talent and creativity to do get the picture just right….Someone who does an amazing job at capturing these moments is Brinsly Ewang.

Here is the BrinsImage Story….

How I came to love photography….

My passion for photography was born from my desire to balance my profesional career with something that would let my mind escape into a “free fall state” once am not physically helping out the critical ill. As a multidisciplinary professional in the fields of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology, I enable the smooth hybridisation between two great invaluable technologies in the medical field – Nuclear science and Diagnostic Computed Tomography. My daily routine involves njecting the critically ill (cancer patients for the most part) with radioactive substance and acquiring high resolution cross-sectional radiographs; in this context photographs of the internal human anatomy and physiologic changes. The images I acquire each day eventually serve as a vital tool in finding answers or lead to a diagnosis for the many patients. It is the combination of my experience of caring for the critically ill coupled with the need to tune off my empathy for those I care which eventually led me to want to explore more of the brighter side of life – just people in a happier setting.

Finding that fine balance was tricky but critical in my quest as a whole person. Not realising that I already had a subtle obsession for photography. It took the intervention of my wife to realise that I had been our little boy’s photographer soon as he arrived into our family in 2005. I bought a little point-and-shoot camera just before his birth with this wired but ambitious drive to capture every second from the moment he arrived.I am sure all new parents can relate to these exciting feelings.

As proof that I was actually on track to accomplished my mission, my wife drew my attention to the fact that I had infact filled the hard drive of our home PC with our son’s first photos. Only then did I realise that photography was actually that balancing opportunity I have been looking for; the opportunity to connect with people in a whole different way – a way far from the pain felt by those I care for in my medical practice.

Presented with a brand new SLR camera as a birthday present, I have not been able to depart from my new found PASSION. To learn the tricks of the art, I aggressively began pursuing the science behind acquiring great photos. The quality of my work today has been the product of a robust photography training program at the Prince Georges Community College’s School of Photography, the purchase of top of the line equipment and the drive to continue pushing my own boundaries. At PGCC, I was fortunate to have been trained by one of the finest;Mr. Robin Wright; a 35yrs veteran in the field and also Donald Trump’s official photographer of the Miss. USA Pageant for the East Coast.

Today, I see each assignment as a new opportunity to help someone express themselves in a way that not only tells a story but preserves their history. At every event, my approach is photojournalistic – unobstructively freezing each moment as it unfolds in high resolution photos. Acquiring the images is just the first phase. With an arsenal of photo editing softwares, every photo is perfected for those very rich and deep colors all presented in an artistic layout.

I see the camera now as an extension of my soul – it’s how I interpret the
beauty of the Human Race! Even more, it gives me that fine BALANCE between WORK

My services primarily involves people, from weddings to model portfolios, home portraiture and small intimate or corporate events.

Wow…that was an amazing story!!

Though located in the Washington DC Metro Area in the US of A, Brinsly travels for out of area assignments. In 2011, BrinsImage now offers services internationally due to recent demand from clients getting married abroad; particularly Cameroon. For a reasonal fee, you can import the same quality photography coverage BrinsImage offers in the US right into your hometown dream wedding without compromising quality. The package (lights, probs, diffusers and SLRs) is is light weight, collapsible and DC power rated for the local voltage. Due to his unique knowledge of geographic landscape of Cameroon your wedding portraits locations will be carefully scouted for that utmost artistic effect.

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You need to check out Brinsly’s Blog… It is an amazing diary of his work!!!

Contact Information
Official website:
Phone: 301.806.3602

Brinsly, your story is very inspiring…Keep up the great work..You definitely put smiles on many faces with what you do!!


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  1. I just love it. I enjoy the privillege of watching this wonderful images taken by a childhood friend of mine and it pleases my soul, after a long day at work. Keep up the good work Brinsly, I look forward to seeing you at my wedding.

  2. You are welcome dear and thanks for the patronage. I look forward to your big day. Yefon, your photo selection was really cool. The one with our son praying has always been and remains my best. Thanks again for the post.

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