One of the reasons I love Blogging…..I come across great and inspiring talent by chance..Last Week’s “Fab Find” ? Montreal based designer Michèle Pouani….Courtesy of the Afrocentric blog, Ciaafrique,

“Michèle P. is the brain and body behind Pyromaniac by mp. She hails from Yaoundé Cameroon, where her passion for clothes stems from her sweet upbringing in a family where Mom is a well-known and locally acclaimed fashion designer/entrepreneur. “ – Website – Blog!!

To me, the 3 words that best describe “BeWear”, Pyromaniac by MP’s debut collection: CHIC, COLOURFUL, DARING (CCD…lol)!

I love the photo shoot..The model has a “je ne sais quoi” and sassy attitude!!

My eyes are on the last dress….lol

Check out the website and blog!! Pyromaniac by MP will definitely go places..Thumbs up Michèle.


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