Yvonne Nforchu…..Our Cake Decorator Extraordinaire!!

Yvonne Nforchu’s talent and creativity is just out of this world!!I call her the Cake Decorator Extraordinaire..She definitely transforms visions/dreams/ideas into the amazing final product..THE CAKE!!

“….I came across a cookery book in our home Library called ‘Cook and Hostess’. I baked my first cake when I was nine, using that book. I also made cookies, croissants , hotcross buns etc…” ….and the rest history!!

I totally love her write up on the Lesans Around the World Blog!

For every occasion..weddings,birthdays,anniversaries,showers…etc etc..She has you covered..

Kids Baptism, Birthdays…Castles, Superman, Spiderman, Hannah Montana,Winnie the Pooh…lol..You name it!!

Bridal Shower Cake? lol

Anniversaries & Corporate Events..

Check out MTN’s 10th Anniversary Cake….”Be Unstoppable” indeed…You can’t stop her..from coming up with amazing cake designs!!

LESA Ruby Jubilee



I still can’t get over the Channel Bag Cake..lol

Wedding Cakes

For more check out Yvonne’s Cake Album on Facebook

Contact Information

Phone: +237 94588857
Email: lumzigha@yahoo.com

Thumbs up Yvonne!!!!Keep up the great work……to many more cakes..lol


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  1. wow…unbelievable showcase of creative talent! she has made cake making a very attractive work of art! I now know where to go to whenever need arises!

  2. My!! Yefon, I couldn`t have written this any better. Thank you so much. You and Sandra are certainly transforming me into a celebrity cake designer. Thank you.

  3. This is not only intelligence but creativity as well. keep the pace

  4. Yvonne is truly gifted and with this gift comes a humility unparalleled. Two things that make a good person a great person. Well done Yvonne, now let's turn your Midas cake-touch to a Multi-million dollar Enterprise. Yes we can!

  5. Just sooo beautiful !!!! mmmhhhh Congratulations … I just Love and Admire what you do.
    Makochi Cate.

  6. My own auntie Y – you know yourself eh…….you are a celebrity cake designer. Such creativity……..

  7. Your talents and your character are so compatible. You are a rich blend of the two.keep doing your thing and God will continue to bless you Yvy.

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