With wool, talent, inspiration and a drive to survive in Nigeria’s tough entertainment 3 years ago, Sylvie Anim Mbuta started making croquet outfits and jewelry. She has since unveiled: The “Carribean” & “Baba” collections, Ankara gladiators, clutch purses…..I can go on and on..and NOW……

Raw Talent + Black Silk, Satin, Linen + “Graffi” (and I think “Kaba”) Inspiration = RAW ELEGANCE…

Syl Anim unveiled her new collection “RAW ELEGANCE” at this year’s Africa Fashion Week New York on July 14th!

Some pics of the show….Enjoy!!!

…Off to the West Coast for BFU’s 2011 Convention (Bui Family Union) in Santa Clara,CA for her Fashow Show on July 22nd!

Hanging out with peeps at the convention!!

My sister was a model too..lol

The models definitely had fun!!

El Presidente…lol

You ladies look great.. Totally rocking the outfits!!

Designer, Syl Anim

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Contact Information

Boutique: ‘Centres Des Createurs De Mode Du Cameroun’, Mini Pris Bastos Yaounde.



Great Job Syl Anim..Keep up the great work!

Pictures Courtesy of AfriKanSpot & Syl Anim.

Have a nice weekend people.



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