….”Fav Find”: Chronology of Events….

In honour of today’s 10th Anniversary!I still have a vivid memory of this day during my last year in University. That morning I thought I was watching movie trailer and realized It was real when I got to school..It was scary to say the least especially because I had family and friends who worked in NY…and I was at the twin towers less than 2 months before the saga!!

My heart goes out to those who lost family and friends on this tragic day!May their soul rest in perfect peace…Hats up to the Heroes of 9/11!!

Last Sunday’s Fab find…”Chronology of Events”..at a United Reformist Church in Dartford,UK!!I think the guy who had to open the church for me to take pictures thought I was crazy….lol.This was done by members of the Pilots Association (A charity) of the church!!Some people have seen these events and even more in their life time..

2011 has been filled with events…

It is amazing how some brands have stood the test of time..e.g. Coca Cola, Mars,KitKat,Lego…etc..


Have a nice week ahead!!



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