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If you don’t know yet then today you do..Buea is the Up and Coming Tech Hub!!Two entrepreneurs based in Buea were featured recently in the VC4Africa’s Trending Ventures.

What makes Buea an ideal location for a Tech Hub? 

Location, Location, Location: Talent pool (from institutes and university) check. With the University of Buea, Pan African Institute and now the  University Institute of the Diocese of Buea…It should have an excellent talent pool!

Proximity to Business and Transport Hubs check.

Tech Incubator check. Active Spaces is a technology and business incubator in Buea.

Smart, determined and ambitious “geeks” check check check.

Here are some of the up and coming Tech CAMpreneurs…….

 Mambe Churchill Nanje –  CEO AfroVision, Njorku

Mambe Churchill Nanje a self taught, award winning Cameroonian
software developer turned entrepreneur who started his career at age 19
as an instructor at the Trustech Institute of Technology then later
founded AfroVisioN Group.A pioneer in  the software services and
solutions related business in Buea, he has trained a lot of guys
who went ahead to start up their own businesses.  
He is  currently  investing heavily into the Job search engine for Africa
Njorku –

 Njorku hosted on
is a job search engine that helps African job seekers find and apply
for jobs or connect them to employers easy and fast. It is a technology
invested human resource platform for Africa that supports job search,
alerts( sms and email alerts), candidate profiles and employers matching
technologies. Njorku was listed among the Forbes 20 best technology start ups in Africa for the year 2011/2012. Njorku has offices in
Baltimore, USA and Buea Cameroon.

Contact Information

+237 33011349, |
skypeID: mambenanje

 Quincy Kwende and Nara Lawrence – “The WasaMundi Crew”

 Quincy (L) and Lawrence (R). Featured on VC4Africa’s Trending Ventures.

The name WasaMUNDI is derived from the Bantu language; Douala in the Littoral region of Cameroon. It means Search Earth or Find the World. Wasamundi seeks to be an information portal for local content, take businesses online and create a better venue to connect people with local businesses.
For more than a year, we have been building tools to further our mission.

wasaMUNDI ( On wasaMUNDI you can find businesses, products, places, services and people in Cameroon. We have come up with tools to help users find and interact easily with businesses; we have organized businesses and places by categories, towns and special search criteria. We permit users to talk about the businesses they have been to, rate their experience, add pictures, and share on social media. We also permit business owners to control their businesses. Presently we support 5 towns (Buea, Limbe, Douala, Yaounde and Bamenda).

 wasaTEXTO ( Africa’s future is mobile. Internet connectivity is still a luxury who now have mobile phones thanks to its affordability these days. So, how does a business communicate their events, market, product and service offers to someone where ever they are?

In Cameroon, this is mostly possibly through text messages. wasaTEXTO has its own Bulk SMS client, aside from its primary objective which is for the quick dissemination of information to businesses and people on wasaMUNDI. A user on the platform can save their contacts and send SMS worldwide from this product.

wasaME ( meaning Find Me, is a URL shortener (the first made by Cameroon).  It also gives businesses a unique Web ID online which is better than a phone number. This establishes a connection between online and offline by providing the businesses with a prestigious business card.

wasaHOSTEL ( is a solution for students around University areas of Cameroon to find where they can live and easily socialize in the area where they live.
It’s about student-hostel listing with pictures, contacts of owners, location of the hostel, and the comments and stories about them.

Their goal is to expand to other countries in Central and West Africa.

Contact Information
Phone: 33322727
Nara _skype: nnara_l.
Quincy _skype: quincy.kwende.

Colong Valery Nyiwung – MD, AGRO-HUB

AGRO-HUB is a social business venture aimed at combating
poverty among smallholder farmers in Cameroon by working together with these
farmers to foster agricultural market development. We do so by
facilitating farmers’ access to information and better markets through the use
of the web, mobile technologies (SMS) and community participation.Our market development process which is built around an engagement (SMSTweets
& SMS based ICT) platform, involves collaborating with the farmers on a shared
 to deliver new services to new and existing customers in the
agricultural sector of Cameroon.

AGRO-HUB’s idea of using ICTs to connect rural farmers,
streamline and develop the agricultural markets is a unique and innovative
approach in the agricultural sector in Cameroon.

The budding entrepreneur holds a
Bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Buea.  Valery is involved in different technology
initiatives and  leads development of such technology platforms – like
the platform – and has co-founded or pioneered many of such
initiatives three of which are today striving businesses.
Valery has firsthand experience working with the farmers with his parents as early as 8 until 19.

He is passionate about
farming and agriculture in general with a kin interest in agricultural markets.
His farming experience together with his ICT career gave birth to his
initiative – AGRO-HUB.

Contact Information

Mobile | (+237) 7973 1059

Skype | nyvacol2005

Twitter | valerycolong


ActivSpaces |

Zinger Systems |

Top rear floor,

Amazing pharmacy building

Molyko, Buea

South West Region

Fua Tse –  CEO, Zinger Systems

The double major who holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the
University of Buea, Fua Tse has grown from a Software Developer to a budding
Techpreneur.  His childhood addiction to gaming overtime was transformed into the quest of how to develop those games which led him into software development.

During his university days, he was also privileged to be
part of a leading tech company AfroVisioN where he served as software developer
and led the development of PharmaPro, a retail management system for Pharmacies
which has garnered the market in the English-speaking regions.

He is currently serves as a software developer, co-founder and chief
executive of  Zinger Systems.

Zinger Systems is a full-fledged web, mobile and desktop
development based in Buea, the capital of the South West Region of
Cameroon with a mission to positively impact the society with the use of ICT.
The company serves a rich-array of technologies and prides itself with a proven
track record of satisfied clients both locally, USA, Canada, Switzerland and
the Netherlands. The company is working
on releasing products to facilitate tasks in various sectors with particular
interest in education.

Fua is also co-founder of ActivSpaces which is a leading
incubator for startups in Cameroon which is geared to promote local talent and
convert them into profitable and sustainable initiatives.  Zinger Systems was incubated at ActivSpaces but has now grown to
be independent.

Contact information

Zinger Systems |

Top rear floor,

Amazing pharmacy building

Molyko, Buea

South West Region

Thumbs up to the up and coming Tech CAMpreneurs….The Sky is NOT the limit. Keep up the great work!


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