Label: Nyanga Creations

Designer: Marie

Location: New York, NY

Nyanga = Confident, Swag, Style

NYANGA creations is a fashion label dedicated to bringing you unique contemporary fashions with the essence of Africa. The word NYANGA is a Cameroonian word with no direct translation. Rather, it is a concept understood as meaning anything which looks good.. The Cameroonian expression “Make Nyanga” can even be translated as “Turn Your Swag On”… 

When you think “NYANGA”, think Elegance, Style, Beauty and even “Swag”….

Nyanga Creations  – “Dare to be Different, Make Nyanga”….Enjoy..


Nyanga  Creations Facebook Page

Originally from Cameroon, Marie Guessou is the designer behind NYANGA creations, an African fashion label based in NYC. Inspired by her African heritage, Japanese anime and affinity for beautiful clothes, Marie Guessou took up fashion design as a hobby, in her childhood.
“I’ve been sketching outfits since I was about 7, living in Cameroon. My mother was (and still is) very supportive of my hobby. As a child, she encouraged me to design outfits which she would make and I would wear with pride to various events.”
After relocating to NYC solo, she bought her first sewing machine in 2009 and converted half of her basement apartment into her sewing space. Then in the spring of 2010, the opportunity presented itself and NYANGA creations was born.
“NYANGA creations is the culmination of a life-long hobby which I now realize, has the potential to be successful.”
After showcasing her designs at events and competitions around the country, and receiving positive feedback and criticism, Marie is ready to turn her hobby into a business.
“I know there is a market for my clothes because I get several requests from individuals around the country, and I’ve even gotten a couple from people in other countries like Canada and England. It has become clear that I need to evolve my current production process in order to meet the demand, which is why I’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter project.”
Her Kickstarter project is a fundraising initiative where individuals from anywhere can pledge any dollar amount towards the project goal. The goal for Marie’s Kickstarter is $5000 which might seem like a stretch, until you actually break it down.
“I always say ‘many hands do light work’ so if 100 people pledge just $25, or 250 people pledge $10, that will put us halfway through to our goal.”
For each pledge made, there are great rewards which include posters, t-shirts, accessories, tote bags and much more, plus outfits from a NYANGA creations collection. The project ends on August 17th, so all support is needed as soon as possible.
For more information please visit Marie’s Kickstarter page at the link below:

The Nyanga KickStarter Page…..

Support our Camer sister.With Kickstarter it is all or nothing..She either raises her goal or she looses everything.So let’s get the “Backers” rolling on

I consider this sort of  a pre-order for the new collection..Help this amazing young lady raise money to realize her dream…Thumbs up Marie..Keep up the great work!!

OK people, have a wonderful weekend..Looking forward to a great one!


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