NOMINATE Kibonen for “Best Emerging Designer International”…..

Kibonen NY plans to take Jo’burg by storm this October.

Please support her with your nomination for an AFI award!!

Award Category:  Best Emerging Designer International

Nominee details
Place of Birth: Cameroon
Based in : NY
Occupation: Fashion Designer – Kibonen NY
Designer –  Kibonen Nfi
Phone Number: 646 918 6313

What happens when Fashion Meets Art???

Kibonen NY teams up with Shiri Achu Art….

 Fabric Painting By Shiri Achu Art

                                                  And the fashionista does her

In the world of physics, like poles repel but on the contrary in the Fashion world, “Like Poles Attract”

Kibonen Nfi & Marina Spadafora, Ethical Fashion Ambassador. Creative Director for Auteurs du Monde by the fair trade organization  Altromercato. Auteurs du Monde is a range of sustainable and refined fashion that showcases the skills of hundreds of artisans, mostly women, who live and work in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

 All the best, Kibs….Keep the Green-Red-Yellow flag high in SA. The Threads for a Cause Campaign is still on..Please support!

Ok people, please nominate Kibonen Here


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  1. keep up the good work kibs i am strongly behind you

  2. Thank you so so much CIAA. Thank you for your continous support. I pray i keep making you proud

  3. thank you so much. You guys make me bluch. I appreciate all the support. Kibs

  4. Thx Miss K. What will i do without all your support? it means so much to me. I hope i keep making stuff that you love Kibs

  5. thx Bert. U follow it up from every angle. Thank s for all your attention to what i do and supporting it. I heartily appreciate it. Kibs

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