“I am Cameroon”, “Je suis le Cameroun”…..

Been involved in many  discussions about how I think as a people we have an “identity crisis” Different groups  are always “at each other”..Instead of focusing too much on how differences, we can see it as a strength..
 Bilingualism: Check, over 200 dialects: check, Numerous ethnic groups and cultures: check, Rich culture: check, ecotourism: check, mineral resources: check, fertile land: check..To sum it all..African in Minuature…check check and more check..The list goes on and on

I just came across this video..I love the ideology and rhetoric in this message….Very patriotic!!
“The beginning of a movement..”..”We will educate people about active citizenship and community engagement” “We will profile role models…”

Thumbs up to the Obensons for this video!

How patriotic are you? What is your contribution towards challenging and changing the status quo? Food for thought!
“I am Cameroon”…”Je Suis Le Cameroun”….join the movement!!


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