HAPPY NEW YEAR: IRepCamer’s TRACKS of 2013

Hello People..Happy New Year!!2013 was a GREAT year for Camer Entertainment. I think the Music Industry is finally “coming out” and people are stepping up their game. 2014 should be about Focus..Focus on Talent, Packaging,Teams, Collaborations, Image, Brand etc..Please NO to competition and unnecessary bad belle and dichotomy!I think everyone has their own place and contribution in this up and coming industry..

Check Modemaison PR‘s T-H-I-N-K Top tips for 2014 post. Artists, THINK is the mantra for 2014

 Music Thursday posts became more frequent and I was amazed how easy it was to get content because new songs and videos are constantly being released. R & B, Hiphop, Rap, Raggae, Afrobeat with a bendskin, bottle dance infusion and the list goes on and on..

Started with 20 then 30 and then there were more..I gave up..So here are  my tracks of 2013…Enjoy!

Debra Debs ft P Jericho – Higher Higher

Gasha- Kaki Mbere

Leeyo – A L’aide

The Bright Light Project

Numerica – It Faut T’enjailler

Reniss – C’est La Vie

Jovi – Famille

Pit Baccardi  fit Nina – Les Interdits

Michael Kiessou – Ben Nam

X Maleya ft J Martins – Mon Ex

Stanley Enow – Hein Pere

Museba – Bom Bom Bom

Magasco – Kumba Market

  BTR – Pecos
Naomi Achu – Alhaji

Daddy Black – Ah No be Small Boy

Supaval – Mongu

PTB – Azonto Makossa
Spido – Sure Mbom

Tilla – Alhaji

Veeby ft Charlotte Dipanda – Hurt (Ndolo)
Steveslil – Ebangha

Denzyl – Monika

Adah – Far

  Nabstar –  Kwasia Braha

Sophie Aida- Break it down

Constance BK


Melcube – Made in Cameroon

Banye,The Banso Boy – Chorkoh

  Askia – Tat Obaseh

Wax Dey – Brekete

Sine ft Petit Pays – Paple 

Krotal – Là-Bas (feat. Pit Baccardi, Black Oeil De Faucon & Teety Tezano)

Ebako – You

DJ Skeeper – Tribute to Mandela
Sophie “Miss Bess” – Last Dance

OK people on that note, 2013, It’s a wrap. Happy New Year 2014!Wish you and yours all the best in the new year. 


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