Hello People..Sharing a lovely birthday experience. Normally I don’t do personal posts but this one is about my birthday so why not. I can’t remember the last time I celebrated my bday before this. Decided it was time to go City Girl Glam…This post is about ladies having fun and also to promote 2 up and coming entrepreneurs!

Event: YM’s 2014 Post Birthday Celebration

Theme: Make Up, Mary Kay Inspired

Colours: Purple, Pink & Blue

Date: February 1st 2014

Very grateful to the hosts, The Mekolles for hosting the party and for everyone who came out to celebrate!

Lights, Camera, Action…..



Hello Purple..Mah & Esther
The Lovely Gwen in the house

All smiles with

On dit quoi Christabel?
Marie Laure et Therese…chilling 

In all her black & white glory..

Hello Ladies..Pinwo, Therese, Judith.

MK Resident Expert, Praxedes…knows her onions

Lilly & Sydole…

With Praxy & Annie

The elegant Ofu
Yes Buy..It’s for your

I love my lipstick…

Purple Purple Purple..
No clue why all 32 were out..hahaha

Pick your shades people serious matter..
Mah Mekolle…doing her thing!!

And the award for the best participant goes to…As you can see I was just watching..Lol


Ok  Author of the recently released book “The Glass” Kennyrich Fomunung is the biz. His spoken word poem, “Math I am” will make you love Math all over again..Check him out @ Enrich by KennyRich.Got a Tshirt from Mr. Author and an Autographed copy of “The Glass” as a Bday gift from Mah!!You can get your copy here….



Whitney Houston Duet – I will always love you! Ma Chris & Yours Truly

And it’s a wrap

Pictures courtesy of Ndoumbe Mekolle…Thank You!!                                  
For your Mary Kay inspired parties (e.g. Bday, Bridal & Baby shower), make up classes, pampering sessions with friends and family, Contact our Htown resident MK Expert, Mah Mekolle @ 310 591 9307. Website: . She is also an Inspirational Blogger @ Pearls of Our Lives and just launched another venture as a Life Coach….

Saying we had lots of fun is an understatement!!!Will I do this again any time soon? Absolutely…A big Thank You to my friends for coming out to celebrate and have fun!!To the wonderful hosts, The Mekolles…Grand Merci again!

God First…Enjoy Life. Respect Others. Enjoy the little moments..

On that note people, enjoy the rest of the week


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  1. I think this is exactly how birthdays should be celebrated. Thank you for supplying such a fabulous guest list, you all blessed me and my business love. By the way, wasnt the food to die for? And Kenny wowed with bis amazing poetry, got my signed copy of The Glass, guys, go buy it on amazon. You rocked girl and happy birthday again !

  2. Oh MK Fab hostess. Thanks for hosting this amazing party! Birthdays are suppose to be celebrated in style…

  3. Wow, this is so delightful! Thank you ladies, for reminding the world how birthdays and similar occasions should be celebrated! I'm honored to have been invited to be a part of such joyous celebration amongst community! One love! Godspeed! 🙂

  4. Well done, Mah truly an entrepreneur!

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