Meet CAMpreneur, CYNTHIA TABE, The PR Lady Behind MMPR

Hello People..New Month, New post..

Meet the Lady behind ModeMaison PR

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Cynthia Tabe, a proud “moh Manyu”! I grew up in Yaoundé but have spent the last 20 years living in the cosmopolitan capital city London. I run ModeMaison PR an agency based in Bonamoussadi, Douala.

What is MMPR?
ModeMaison PR is a buzz loving, fresh and forward new style communications, marketing, branding and rental/styling agency based in the hip upcoming quarters of Bonamoussadi in Douala serving primarily the entertainment and lifestyle industries. We provide public/press relations and marketing strategies to our clients, we also assist with branding ideas and tips as well as offer styling and rental services for video/photo shoots. In addition, we are capable of planning and managing small scale events on behalf of our clients.

A big congratulations on turning 1. Tell us the MMPR story

Thank you very much and thanks for the support you have shown us throughout the year. ModeMaison PR was inspired from my realisation that promoting/encouraging/building up people is what I love to do best and opening an agency became the natural step. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit which also inspires me to keep the hustle.

Why PR? 

I got involved in PR not because I thought of why people needed it (the business side) but because I have a natural in born passon to drive/push people ahead so to enable them reach their full potential. This natural instinct then got me into PR (the industry side) and this later progressed to me deciding to make it professional (the business side) by opening up a PR agency which can serve many more brands. The benefits of PR are many and through our work we are starting to shift perceptions.

What have you been busy with lately? 

We have been busy working on our clients especially VIRI, Stanley Enow and Ciana whom we are relaunching into the music scene. We are currently in talks to add more clients to our list which will be made public once everything is confirmed. We have also recently started working with Daddyblack who is such an amazing talent. We are very much open to long term and short term collabos and urge anyone interested to drop us a line or call us.

What are some of challenges you have faced so far and how have you overcome them? 

The challenges are not many nonetheless can be detrimental. We need many more people to give up their time and start blogging so to increase Cameroon’s online presence and the quick flow of information. We need to start to trend online and to achieve this, we need many more people to talk/write about things. We are overcoming this challenge by making use of the platforms that are available while keeping our eyes out for more that spring up.

 Ward*Robe @ Studio 25

First Soiree IV

A few words about the Camer Music industry and entertainment as a whole to conclude. 

The music industry is moving in the right direction. I am very impressed by some of the things I hear however what continues to bother me is how lacklustre people are with their image. Not many know what they are doing or even why they are doing it. But all said, I am happy to see brands who continue to shake up the industry by emerging with bold statements of their own forcing others to take note and therefore pushing the industry to move in the right direction.

Duo @MMPR Launch soiree

For more information on Modemaison PR, please visit
Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR
Instagram: modemaisonpr

Thumbs up to Cynthia & her MMPR team..To bigger and better things this year. OK people Keep calm and love Modemaison PR. 


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  1. Let's hope she has finally found her true calling after the 1001 things she has done: Camercouture, lolita cupcakes, fashion blogger, mina evans, camer blogspot, etc the list is exhaustive! sometime di wan go hold water long enough. good luck madame.

  2. lolzzzzzzzzz! make anyman try wusai chop money go comot. but for true e don dey all side…each year she is doing something DIFFERENT. LOL! Bonne Chance mami! Hein pere! Bayangi girl! loooooooooooooolz!

  3. Anonymous1..thanks for the comment. Interesting point.She is versatile and still has other activities going on..I love her hustle!

  4. Trying different things is the hallmark of an entrepreneur. Look closely Anonymous 1 and u'll realise all the experiences u have listed above have culminated into MMPR. It is every one of these things u've mentioned. We are always richer for our experiences, be they successful or not. And hey! She's managed to hold ur attention 1001 times. She must be good!


  5. Congratulations Cynthia Tabe and the Mode Maison PR endeavor. I wish that many more people will learn to attempt and do many more things in their lives and no matter how life goes, learn to pick themselves up and keep trying. Wow, mami, you are a true example to women and Cameroonians as a whole. Poeple are so afraid to try, afraid to fall, lazy lazy lazy, prefer to sit and count how many times we fall rather than celebrate when we stand. I applaud you for your resume which I didnt know until I read this article. You are the kind of person I want to talk to, so I can ask you how you maintain your drive to keep on striving. Good Job mami

    Mah Mekolle

  6. Oh My Gosh…some person don really really go show how very STUPID they are through their comments. Papa God, I pray that this person is not within my friends list nor do I call them a friend!! No wonder they had to post anonymously lol!!
    Dear Anonymous, please go read up on billionaires like Aliko Dangote and Warren Buffet and then come back and comment. You are very STUPID to expect me to just do one thing and you are also very STUPID for not seeing that all you listed falls under MMPR. While you are sitting watching me, I am preparing my billionaire status. Keep watching ma'am. Thank you!
    Cynthia Tabe

  7. Thank you very very much Yef for this. I appreciate the support. Keep doing what you do. I hope say lazy ass people dem no go cam say you di do too much lol!!
    Cynthia Tabe

  8. Cameroonians: Forever wanting to put people down!

    Cynthia keep doing your thousand and one things! Who says you wont hit gold at 1099?

    I beg Whoever this Anonymous 1 is 'tcholeh' this girl…and concentrate on doing good for yourself. Looks like what she does really interests you cos you seem to know all 1001.


  9. Haaaahaaa Braun Hill you talk am!! The 1001 things sure interest her…does she need a job? I can offer her one…lol!!
    Cynthia Tabe

  10. wow. Anonymous, you sound very unsatisfied with your own life. Wish you the best! Bora Azikiwe

  11. Who is this Muthaf..ker.U are stupid and so dumb.Why even write on her blog if you are a ghost follower. She can do it all. So why not watch her as she is doing her thing. All you can do is hate and write anonymous. Stupid bad face girl. If don't wanna support get off her blog.U have the time to follow her grow.I like when you keep track of her hussles.Shes making it happen by starting from somewhere. I don't care where you t from but we all to encourag each others dreams. U can't stand her gods that's why you went anonymous. shes got her fighter spirit still on.


  12. Love this Interview! Am glad you be working with Daddy black, he was one the 237 artiste I was unable to purchase their songs. I came across some songs watching Bih Youty tutorial videos ( that was a nice way to expose +237 artists). I look forward to products being on popular vendor sites.

  13. I know who has written this! Anonymous March 3 @ 4.34pm
    change leave all that bitterness.
    It's the same thing you are dealing with.
    Richard Branson keeps opening new ventures. Rich dad poor dad mentality buy the book.

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