Happy Blogiversary: IRepCamer @ 5!!

Hello People..Happy 5th  Blogiversary to IRepCamer…Yayy…

THANK YOU for visiting and coming back!!The feedback is part of  the motivation that keeps me pressing on!

I published my first post on April 2nd 2009. After a few FB notes, the passion to promote my friends in the fashion & music industries, I decided to make it to Blogville. Fast forward 5 years later: Over 105,000 page views, this is my 258th blog post! It has been an interesting ride showcasing talent, creativity, talent and passion! I have learnt a lot (I wish I could code..lol) especially since I am somewhat a “technology laggard”..I have been inspired and motivated by the features. Blogging has its challenges (research, info gathering, time consuming) but it is a passion. 

It is time to take it to the next level and I have set some goals for for 2014. Inspired by a post from random browsing for blogging tips, here are my blogging dream goals for the rest of the year..(I guess it is never too late. Q2 just started)

So it’s Branding, Branding and more branding!!

Blog/Site Design
The one thing that is constant in life is Change! This blog needs a facelift. This is a big one for me. So stayed tuned for the changes and eventually a new blog design/site later this year.

The features have been diverse but stepping it up a notch, I want to do more posts that
– Focus on Business and technology in Cameroon and Africa as a whole. (Includes Marketing Communication)
– Promote more businesses and entrepreneurs
– Highlight touristic attractions and my escapades (an outlet for another passion: photography)
–  Are by guest bloggers!I need guest bloggers ehhh..chaiii. 

– Join a local bloggers networking group
– Attend a Camer Blogger meet up
Networking is key. Ideas, motivation, inspiration and everything in between! Loving the current diversity of Camer Bloggers!! 

Two words: AD Space!! Since people are taking this “hobby” seriously, I need to take it seriously too!! I am working to create advertising spaces on my blog page. The back end logistics are being sorted!

Facebook Page (& Social Media)
Finally on FB..Please don’t ask why I haven’t had one until now.
Just ticked this one of the list..Need to join the other social media sites one at a time!

IRepCamer Facebook Page 

There you have it! Beri, Thank You, Merci, Danke, Gracias, Grazie….

To many more IRepCamer years…To bigger and better things!

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