Hello people…The countdown is on for the release of a new sensation “AFRICALLY SPEAKING”

Quoting a recognized pillar in African History ..Patrice E Lumumba (First Prime Minister of the DR Congo)

“History will one day have its say. Africa will write its own history, and to the north 
and south of the Sahara, it will be glorious  and dignified.”

Africally Speaking #AS is part of that process of writing Africa’s History

CAMpreneur Editor Ngum Ngafor gives us the #AS 411

What is Africally Speaking?

Africally Speaking (AS) is a new platform that spotlights and analyses the work of African innovators and thought leaders. We look beyond the ‘who’ and ‘what’ behind game changing developments in Africa, to investigate the why and how.

Please explain the inspiration behind this platform?

AS came out of my fascination with innovation and irritation by the prevalent aid driven discourse about African development. I have been writing about and observing various aspects of the continent since 2004 and never cease to be amazed by the incredible level of innovation across it. I often felt it was a shame many of these stories went untold. Even when they got attention, the tech sector often seemed to be the magnet for most media. AS is my bid to create a more balanced view by stretching the concept of innovation beyond the confines of technology.

Who is a typical AS reader?

AS is aimed at decision makers and (business) opportunity seekers. They could be African or not and be located anywhere in the world. We are witnessing progressive growth in various sectors in Africa. To keep things that way – or even stretch further – people need to be able to make bold, informed and smart decisions. Our goal is to make AS a go-to resource for these individuals.

How will they benefit from visiting the platform?

We will publish first hand accounts from from real Africa experts – i.e. those who roll up their sleeves and get down to doing challenging work that moves the continent – and even the world -forward. These people will share experiences and insights of Africa which you would be hard pressed to find in any textbook or major TV programmes.

What makes AS special?

Firstly, our wider view of innovation. Secondly, by focusing on thought leadership, we will shine a light on fine minds with truly transformative ideas. Our site will be interactive; we plan to make it a lively marketplace of ideas. Oh and did I mention our style? We find content is best served crisp, cool and beautiful. The plan is to keep it that way without compromising quality..

Tell me of the kinds of people who will be featured on AS.

AS will feature various innovators and thought leaders across the continent and diaspora. People like international development expert TMS Ruge and Agribusiness guru Prof Calestous Juma will share valuable knowledge. We are also keen to discover new talent and lesser known stars.

Have you investigated innovation in Cameroon? What have you found?

Oh yes! And I’m proud to say innovation is alive and well in Cameroon, despite the challenges. So many young people are blazing trails in the world of business. Our nascent entertainment industry is also one to watch. But what really stands out is the tech domain. Buea is quickly gaining fame as an African tech hub to reckon with!

What does the future hold for AS?

[Laughs]. A lot, hopefully. For now, the focus is on building a reputable platform. From that, great things will surely come.

Looking Forward to the Africally Speaking launch in a few days..Can’t Wait. #Africa #Innovation #Business #Technology  #Society #AS

OK people..Join the countdown. Visit the Africally Speaking Facebook page for updates.


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  1. Ngummiessss.You are welcome..Anxiously waiting for this platform..hmmm now I am thinking what I will be Africally

  2. Yef! I have to say that the concept of your blog is quite simply refreshing! Such a positive depiction of our heritage is precisely the stepping stone needed to begin to influence and ultimately change the views (or lack there-of) that many have of Africa. Well done!!

    So of course I have to comment on that photo of the beautiful Ngummie! I mean … just lovely!! Now I was expecting a link from it but I suppose I'd have to wait for this lady to unveil the incredible talent she has hidden behind that smile! I am super excited to check out your project!

    So proud of you two ladies!! Truly!!

    B –

  3. Yiiii…Thank you for all the kind words. Coming from you it means a lot!The link is coming oh. This is part a countdown. The suspense thriller too much and Ngummies na Chef Bang..haha. Stay tuned!


  4. Yef – you are most welcome! I was just stating a fact. :). Counting down then!!!! 🙂

  5. Found the "Notify me" button – thanks! :). At first I thought it was a browser-related issue (could see it in Chrome but not in IE8). But realized that it only shows when you are logged in.

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