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Buea based record label, NO Hitz No Recordz Entertainment  Duo, Rythmz releases their  5th single, “A Little Lie, A Little Kill”.  The duo (Kezzy & Dianee) who are already  making a mark in the urban music scene in Cameroon are ready to step onto the world stage with ‘a little lie…”
This track showcases Kezzy & Dianne at their vocal best with intricately woven lyrics to accompany the compelling story of the song. “Somebody here me out…” The theme song of the sound track of the same titled movie, “A Little Lie, A Little Kill” Rythmz is bound to make a name for themselves with this track. 
Produced by Phill Bill Beats, Rythmz ride the soulful beats, telling a story about how we all tell little lies that can lead to unfortunate circumstances. “Despite all our efforts…”, people will talk behind your back, do things and lie about it, and with each lie, we kill each other slowly.

Love the cover…
Their Motivation & Inspiration? 
“We live in the information age and so what we say travels faster and consequently its effects can be devastating”, says Dianee. “Everyone has gone through a situation where a lie was told about them, or they themselves lied to cover up something they were doing. When it comes back around relationships are broken, trust is lost, and in extreme circumstances, violence that leads to death”. With every lie we tell, its like stabbing someone in the back….” says Kezzy

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Rythmz is  making the rounds with  “Bouge Ton Maka”, a fun, party song which on every DJ’s playlist in Camer. With “A little Lie A little Kill”, Rythmz brings a new dimension to their song writing and creativity. “We look forward to our fans enjoying this song and hope that our fans will take the message in the song”
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Presenting An Adrenalin Film.”A Little Lie, A Little Kill”..Mr Adrenaline is too much…Keep it Up!

Also Love the track…”NgoNgong”…I need a beat for my heart like NgoNgong?? lol

And this one na Jajaaaa Partyyyy oh oh oh. All the fine babes get!

Our Honey Moon na for Jerusalem ohhh

Thumbs up NoHitz NoRecords & Rythmz..The tracks are on replay on Soundcloud!Looking forward to more…

On the replay for a while is DJ NeGro Talent’s Kwatt N Beatz Vol 1..Definitely Cameroon’s Finest AfroBeats.

OK people..Enjoy the Music. The weekend is almost here.


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  1. Men, what cool music oh no thanks Yefon for these. More grease to their elbows, maybe we will at last get back to the top of the music scene in our region with this?

  2. Oh yes Marie, I have a lot of hope we will. The Camer Music industry is going places.It is just a matter of time.

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