Hello People…Have you watched the “Faya Di Burn” video that was released on Saturday?? If you haven’t,please get out from under the! It is HOT!! Gasha and Magasco gave it to the track..These two  are on my list of  currently Trending  artists

“Faya Di Burn under pot but Water di freeze in da pot…Fire Di Burnnnnn…” Docta day for wasapita. Small door day for back chair. Wuna go wait sotey tire”

So this line is classic because it seems to relate to the “Gasha: The Arrving Before the Arrival Story”… “Take poison kill your brother because you want small money and when e go weti you”…I give praise where it is due. Don’t get it twisted..I think this lady is Uber talented but this her supposed split from her label published a few weeks ago [Posts on CamerVibe & NexDim Empire] made me wonder why an artist with so much potential could up and leave a record label..One of the perks of being a blogger??? people di bring you story bring more storyyy!!

So since this story broke of  Gah-Ndo “Gasha” A. Amabo and Steven’s Music Entertainment LTD (SME) separated on mutual terms, I have tried to get the principals of SME and their response has been “no comments”.Even after the release of a super video from Gasha over the weekend, I reached out to SME and they are still “tight lips” on any topic relating to Gasha.

Like I said earlier…Story di bring story.. I gather from a very reliable source that allegedly “Faya Di Burn” was to be released by Steven’s as a single to accompany an album that was scheduled for release in March. This person was provided the entire album to review and provide feedback and thus has heard and reviewed all the tracks that Gasha and Steven’s recorded. 

Gasha still has a multi year Contract with Steven’s and that contrary to rumors being circulated.  No exit terms have been agreed.

Artists need to start seeing the big picture. If you are going to sign with a record label..Sign..Remember it is a CONTRACT..With terms and conditions..If and when you want out..Both parties need to agree on what terms..All Contracts should have an “EXIT CLAUSE”…Read the fine print. This is Business not Buy Am Sellam. People invest in talent because they want to see them grow and get their returns. It is suppose to be Win-Win..

So technically, Gasha should not be releasing music as an “Independent Artist” because she is still signed to a record label.

Enjoy more of  Gasha…

Kaki Mbere

This Life

I didn’t think she was one to “arrive before the arrival” .Enough Said..What do you think?


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  1. This is good music with some style and class worth consuming at an international level. Wish we can get here in Belgium for some of our African and general festivals in Europe.
    Kudos Lady.
    Shey Beri

  2. thats all bloggers get reliable source gossip!!! get more facts before you publish stuff like this..!! arrive before arrival?? seriously?? its good music if u cant enjoy it den dont!!

  3. @Shey Eb…It is definitely good music and she is a very talented artist. Hopefully the situation will be sorted by both parties in a mature manner.

    @Anonymous…Your opinion is what it is..Your opinion..Yes seriously…Figuratively speaking..If you don't get the point..then too bad. Please read my post again..I didn't deny that it is not good music..Love to promote Camer Music..When you get a chance, check out the Music Thursday posts. The same way you have your opinion and voice it, I have the freedom to question a situation and post info because it is my blog!!Thank you for stopping by.

  4. It's but a fact that despite the talents our brothers and sisters have, the 'arrive b4 the arival' (ABA) syndrome damages most of that. It's not only about being talented, it's the packaging that counts. I love Gasha's music, but I pray and hope she really hasnt caught the ABA sydrome.Me love me some Camer music.

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