Hello People…Another Thursday….Bringing you the goodies of Camer Music..

Flosha A – Temperature Rise
The temp is def rising

DJ BO – Flag Up
How patrotic DJ

Espo 2 Ben’s – L’homme

Fifi Negresse
OK I can’t get over her music..Chaiiii

Lady Ponce – Secouer secouer
Let’s just say Lady Ponce is the ultimate Bikutsi Hip hopper

Dog Star – My Sweet Bamenda
Keeping it about the original sounds and tunes..I love me some Bamenda!!

King Boris – Hotter Than Fire

Duc-Z – African Mamy
OK I am  officially a Duc-Z

Dareal – Dinosaure (C’est Quoi Ton Way)
C’est quoi ton way? 

LG2H – Les Way De L’heure

And the highlights of today’s MT. go tooooo…..

Gasha ft Magasco – “Faya Di Burn” 
I am absolutely in love with this track. Both artists and the video director need a big thumbs up!!Unfortunately it has sparked controversy. 

 Magasco ft Duc Z – Fine Boy
Na that Bamenda boi…”Fine Boy, no money. Go Home no worry…” I love this video.Quality, Styling are so much on point..I see Krotal (I am a groupie). Duc Z also gave it to the track. This is one artist that Empire needs to buzz more!

Enjoy the Music.It’s almost the weekend.


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  1. Wow the music industry is being flavoured with nice Cameroon music! I like the Flag Up song…it's been a while no patriotic music has been on

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