Hello People…It’s your fav  Music Day on IRepCamer 

Team237 is soo on track!!Enjoy..

Vreezy Ville – Olopyto teaser
The olopyto master Vreezy Ville has dropped the  teaser of his new dance trend called OLOPYTO. The Franco Records signee is poised to make this the new dance on the streets in Africa & America. This will be third  release from Franco Records since his signing in December 2013. Olopyto is a new dance move he created last year 2013. The dance has since been viral with multiple cover videos on youtube. This new dance go worry oh!

Yung Time ft Mihney – Wash Hand
Love their flow & the lyrics are soo Camer!

Kevin Fine –  Celebrity
Loving..”This marrate na celebrate, make wuna jubilate, this marrate na chocolate..Who go soon di cooperate..”

Chick Nick – Bip Me
Ohh…This song is killing me!! “Just call me back”….”It’s like fufu in a flask and koki on a plate” chop…lol

A few tracks from MT FB Style 2 weeks ago!

I love this song..End of!

Micheal Kiessou ft Eden Koula –  Demoiselle.
You should know by now that I am a

Xcellente ft Solid Star – Jalaa
The Nigerian based afro hip hop artist caused some waves with this video last year..Is was apparently almost banned?? Check out his promo shots for his upcoming single here

Daddy Black – Mami Nyanga
Mr. Daddy Black no be small boy…”Mami Nyanga montre moi que tu danser ehh…”

Herve Nguebo – Essoka 
I love this song and the video !Enough said…

Highlights for today’s MT

Naomi Achu – It’s My Life
Naomi Achu has done it again. The video for It’s my life was recently released..Love it…and she definitely repped Camer..Love the vibe and energy plus the blend of beats.

Jovi – CA$H
New Bell Music presents Jovi in CA$H!!Jovi and his alter producer ego Le Monstre do not dissapoint.The lady in the chorus did it for me…”Mais L’argent a terre”..The song is already on the replay..Once again he proves that he is the ultimate lyricist!CA$HHHH…..

Let’s keep voting for the MAMA 2014 Best New Act. #VoteStanleyEnow.

OK people on that note..It’s a wrap…CA$HHHHH….
Enjoy. It’s almost the weekend


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  1. Naomi Achu ; loving the lyrics……. good beats.. haters chop fufu lol! 237 keep up

  2. You are making me discover Daddy Black! Waw! Thanks for that!
    Naomi Achu also, I like! 🙂

  3. Thank you for stopping by! @Lauretta…Get downloading & @Elodie.Oh Yes..Daddy Black is it!

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