Today’s Music Thursday is all about  Canadian based artist Miss BK’s song and  video for “My Baby Remix”  featuring Cameroonian music icon, Annie Anzouer  released on June 24th .

What is the Song My baby all about?
My baby is the (baby song) from my upcoming album which talks about the magic and power of love..inspired from a real life story of a Heart broken girl who after a devastating heart break she decided to forgive her long term boyfriend and move on . The moment she did she realized that “Heaven doesn’t ignore cries of a broken heart.”  Just like a dream, this guy who swept her off her feet and showed her what it meant to love and to be loved. This girl describes her feelings for  the new guy with words like  ” E bi like say na voodoo e di use” It was a magical experience for her and she fell head over heels.

What is the message behind the song?
My baby song passes the message that it’s not the intensity of the love that we feel for someone that makes  our love last but the quality of the person we  fall in love with that makes our love  last which makes the love experience even much more special and enjoyable. The quality of love and the quality of the person you fall in love with can determine the end of the relationship.

Annie Anzouer is one  Cameroon’s music icon and a great talent of the older generation,  Why did you choose to feature her in this song?
Growing up I loved music and had people in the industry that I admired and wanted to be just like them or more. Annie Anzouer happened to be one of the Cameroonian based artist and Music icon I admired and listened to back in my childhood days. I told myself that if I ever want to collaborate with a home based star then she will be the first on my list and it happened just like that. When Annie came to  Montreal, Canada for a concert by SPN production, I received her at the airport. I had a chance to sit with her in my car and she listened to my complete album. When she came across the “my baby” song, she asked me to pause and .”that’s the song, that’s the hit , I will like to sing on it ” and I gladly said “Mama Annie it will be an honor to have you sing on this song”.  We went to the studio and recorded the song at Mich 2050 production house in Montreal  and here we are…

Why another video for the same song?
Good question. After sharing this experience with Annie, I decided it was good if I could as well share the same good feeling and vibe we shared together in this song to the world and this could be well portrayed in a video format Which I thank my relentless and reliable team for making this journey easier for me to travel.

What is the inspiration behind your upcoming Album
It’s a fusion of upbeat rhythms with a feel of  Afro pop,  afro zouk-highlife and afro Rnb feeling. Everyone, young or old will enjoy something out of it. the songs a melodious, inviting, catchy and the story lines connect to our life stories and experiences.
Any collaboration in the album?
Ooooh yes this is the fun part .It features my two beautiful daughters, Mandy hill and Serena hill, Meiway , Annie Anzouer , the born Canadian/Haitian  artist Ish and the Canadian/Italian pop Singer Nadia Dolce.
What are the five things you cant live without?
God, my children, my family music, music and music again.
If  I was to turn on your ipod right now what five artist would you have played recently?
Tony Braxton, Yemi Alade, Brackets , Missy bk and Tiwa savage

Apart from music what do you like to do?
I have a big passion in volunteering, taking care of other people in need.
I love fashion and design as well and I’m slowing getting more into dancing now

Which I intend to make something good out of that.

Here is video…Enjoy!

Thumbs up Miss BK..Love the video. Looking forward to the album.


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