Hello people…. Introducing a short film about deafness made in Cameroon. Zumhoo Studio Works presents “Damaru” 


Film Title: Damaru 
Genre: Drama 
Running time: 26 minutes 
Production Studio: Zumhoo Studio Works Production 
Date: September 2014 
Main Cast: Christa Eka, Ngwane Hansel Story: Agbor Obed Agbor, Ngwane Hansel, Giscard Cedrick Screenplay: Christa Eka, Ngwane Hansel 
Language: English, Pidgin English 
Subtitles: English
French Director of Photography: Giscard Cedrick 
Editor: Agbor Obed Agbor 
Executive Producers: Agbor Obed Agbor, Ngwane Hansel, Giscard Cedrick
 Produced and Directed by: Agbor Obed Agbor

In the light of furnishing the public with constructive audio-visual content for the purpose of change, Zumhoo Studio Works, a Cameroon based production company has released its short film, “Damaru”. This movie, shot in the Tole locality in Buea, Cameroon, centers is about  Damaru, a young deaf girl who receives a cold shoulder from her society and must battle obstacles in order to get enrolled in a special education program.

Directed by Agbor Obed Agbor, this movie was done to create awareness on the issue of stigmatization towards the handicapped, using deafness as an example. The trailer was released online on 22 August 2014 on the studio’s blog and site and a Facebook page for the short film has also been created. It is the studio’s aim to publicize this short film so as to amass support for the campaign.






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This is definitely a  step in the right direction in educating and creating awareness about the handicapped/differently abled. Looking forward to the release of “Damaru”. Thumbs up to the director, producers and cast & crew. 

Do check out  Zumhoo Studio’s facebook page, blog and website for updates. Stay tuned.


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