Hello people..It’s another Music Thursday. #237Music is on a roll..Lots of new tracks and videos released in the past couple of weeks.

Here is what’s on my play list this week.Some New and Not so new tracks. Enjoy!

Anita Etta – My Deliverance Has Come
Her CD is out. You can purchase her CD @ Check out more about Anita on

T-Nayah – African Man 
Ok,  African Men can be romantic…Believe it or I just love this video. Looking forward to hearing more from T-Nayah

Zinnia – The Way Ie Dey
OK can Zinnia release more songs already..The Way ie Dey!

Janea Pol’Anrhy – Tu Dors ta vie Dort #TDTVD
One by one artist are getting into the Camer Urban music scene. Check out more on Janea @

Julz ft Ama Fru – Shishi
This video makes me love the track even more!

Sine & Brico – Wayibele 

Wayibele Wayibeeeee…#CamerMeetIvoryCoast. #Collabo

Ambe-Rendez Vous
Love love love. The  beats and production are very much on point!He is rebranding himself quite well!

Steveslil – I cut you cafe
The panjo master is at it again. I cut you cafe.!

Magasco – Marry Me
Not so new track “Marry Me” is still on the replay…I di wait Magasco e!

Gasha – I Notice
 An Afrimma Award  for Best Female Artist Central Africa, a US tour and now an upcoming video, Gasha is a roll.  Check out her webiste.

Shawmey Locko ft Numerica – Perfect Girl
“show me your mama, make I tell your papa..”. . And Numerica is on this track. Enough said!

Ville – Shikibambam
“Your love di shake me like shikkibambam…”…Lol

And the highlights for Today’s MT

I can’t get over this track and video..Chaii..Check out her previous post here. “Cause life is a journey that we’ve got to pass. We all got that we must get to.”. 

Jovi – CA$H
..Jovi and his crew stepped up on this one big time!! Thumbs up February 16th pictures..”Njangsa na Njangsa and ginger na ginger”. 

Enjoy the music..It is almost the weekend!



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  1. Yefon you will kill me with these your musical collections, at least a good break from my shaggy serious corner 🙂

  2. Jovi- Ewondo remix to another level…. really good..
    Sine, Gasha , locko, Marry Me…. enjoy the songs…
    I applaud the videos… presentation and all…

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