The Cameroonian Movie industry is growing and winning international awards. Thumbs up actors and actresses who are contributing our nascent movie industry. The biggest challenge so far is accessibility and availability of these movies to the average Camer and the general scarcity of information. I was happy to get this information. Slowly but surely we will get there.
Ghana Meets Cameroon in “Decoded” which premiers in Douala & Limbe this weekend 

Shot  in August of 2012, ‘Decoded’ stars  Van VickerJeffery EpuleDesmond WyteSolange Yijika and a host of other brilliant actors . It was produced by producer/actor Brenda Elung and directed by Akim Macauley and Enah Johnscott. The film tells an exciting story of two  friends who end up with the same woman while she was married to one of them.

Location: Limbe, Cameroon
Director: Akim Mackauley
Ass Director: Enah John Scott
Executive Producer: Brenda Elung
Producer: Gold Age Entertainment

 DECODED KILLY STEVE (EPULLE JEFF) a guy known for his fame as an actor, dreams to have the most luxurious weddings to his beautiful wife, JASMIN (SOLANGE YIJIKA) 
His best man NICOLAS (BUH PROXY) has an agenda of his own. Nick has plans to have a taste of Steve’s woman by hook or by crook .  JASMIN indulges in Nick’s advances and does tell her darling husband to be STEVE, thus settling between a hard place and a rock. 

Something must be done to get someone in or out. And that someone is  STEVES best friend DAVID (VAN VICKER)  stumbles into STEVE  on the eve of this so promising wedding . DAVE, upon introduction, turns out to be an even bigger “player” who will wrestle heaven to get JASMIN.

Now, best friend and best man wrestle secretly with each other to have a taste of this FAIR GEM before night falls. A fight that lands NICK to a position of being STEVE’S Punching bag when he meets him forcing to get a taste of his wife to be. The  star arrives only when pictures of DAVE AND JASMIN are spilled in STEVE’s mansion, at a time the mansion is filled friends and family, making final arrangements of the wedding. A revelation that results in DAVE getting  series of blows and turns the whole night into a time of revelation and DECODING of  codes. STEVE is to father the child of JASMINES best friend, TRISHIA(ADEL DIKANA), who before arriving at the Mansion just plotted the death of DOCTOR HANS (OTIA VITALIS) {The only one who knows LELA is not MAYA’S kid and blackmails TRISHA for it}, through MISS BROOKS (BRENDA ELUNG) who will do anything to have TRISHIA’S man, MAYA(DESMOND WYTE). 

All these secrets are DECODED in a night of TRUTH and REVELATION. DECODED, with its most favoured dialogue line “THIS ISN’T HEAVEN, IT’S THE WORLD, AND THERE ARE BOUND TO BE TROUBLES”.
OK this movie sounds like a whole lot of drama…lol.

The sights and scenes of “Decoded”…Enjoy!

If you are in Douala or Limbe this weekend and can make it be sure to check it out. Thumbs up to the Decoded cast & crew. Hope this will be available for distribution soon!

Critics review of the Decoded for last year’s Sonnah Awards here 
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It’s almost the weekend. Have a good one!


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