Hello people..The week started on a very positive note. Caurys Solutions based in Germany just released an Android app “CAMNEWS”. This is such a laudable  #237Proud concept and initiative.

Can’t wait for it to be available in the App Store (*wink*).

They are currently seeking RSS feeds to feed into the app. Blogs/Websites/Magazines. Please comment with your RSSFeed links.

Check out the CamNews App Facebook page for updates!

Thumbs up to Krystine & The Caurys Solutions team. Camers doing great things around the world. Let’s get to the Android store and CamNews!


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  1. Thanks very much Yefon. We promise to include your feeds in our app by the end of today.

  2. That should actually be from the Caurys Solutions Team. 🙂

  3. Hi Ivy, will send this over. There is now a facebook page of the App. Please send your logo to them as well. Thank are welcome!

  4. We've added both news channels in the app. Mr. Dibussi, please encourage your readers to download our app, so they can always have the latest information. Thanks.

  5. You got it right Ivy. It's been added under Social category.

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