Hello people..It is Cancer Awareness Month. This is a cause dear to my heart because I have lost close family and friends to this terrible disease. Cancer is among the top killers in the 21st century so anything that can be done to get closer to a cure needs to be done.

#Inspired to help raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to stamp out the disease, Liz Oton is Running For Her Dad who passed away from Leukemia. She will be the flag bearer of the Cameroon flag at the Opening Ceremony on November 2nd in NYC. 

Someone asked why I’m doing this and what inspires me.  Well, I think it’s easy to see that what brought me to this place was a desire to honor my daddy in a special and memorable way.  To show the world that his spirit lives on through me. I made a pledge to train and do this race and thus far, I’ve kept my commitment. And through each gruesome mile logged, my daddy has continued to watch over me from above.
In addition to my dad, I am inspired and fueled by the following:
1. An opportunity to make an impact towards stamping out this horrible disease called leukemia.  This may be one of the few opportunities that I may ever have to do something positive for humanity and I’m going to seize it. I’m inspired to run by those who would be delighted to run but can’t. I don’t think I need much convincing here nor do I need to elaborate…

2. My amazing sister, friend, and running coach Randi Elisabeth- who has been with me each step of this journey. She’s encouraged and challenged me to do the work that it takes to be a better, stronger runner. When I’ve been discouraged, she’s been quick to remind me that keeping “1 foot forward” was the simplest, yet ultimate goal.
3. Many friends who have donated to my fundraising efforts and offered kind notes and words of encouragement. Reading your notes often brings tears to my eyes and is quite humbling the faith you’ve entrusted in me to accomplish this. You inspire me more than I could ever offer to you.
4. My amazing, kind and patient husband Akan who hates being away from me and not being able to spend most of our non- working time together. I’ll soon return to being his exuberant, Flywheel  and fashion obsessed  wife who loves to cook, cuddle and dote on him- the wife who does not spend all her time talking about strength training, mileage, Garmin watches, nutrition, hydration running negative splits and pacing.

Leukemia 101

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Liz’s Donation Page:

Way to go Liz. Together we can beat Cancer!!


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