Hello people..So I feel like ranting this Monday!! Is the wave of changing sweeping through Africa? (Any hope for Camer!). In the last few weeks we have witnessed the nothing short of the strong power of social engagement by the young people of Burkina Faso. Pan African Legend Thomas Sankara must be smiling from above. Basically they outed their president! Na wah oh. Being in Africa since “we no di get order” the military attempted to take over but things are back to “normal” since Burkinabe groups and leaders agreed on return to Civilian rule on Sunday. See Story here . The 54-nation African Union on Monday gave the military a two-week deadline to return power to civilians or face punishment”. Africans our wahala plenty”…

Let’s move over to the “Giant of Africa” Nigeria. Is there a new trend?  The recent of  rise of young people and celebrities in politics is amazing. Apparently Kate Henshaw, Desmond Elliott and even 9ice are running for office?? E day like money day for politics..Thinking caps on..lol

On a serious note though, my friend Uche Chuta…(Shout out to McGill Alums around the world!!) is running for Governor of Abia state.He has a very strong vision his state. Looking at Akwa Ibom’s transformation in the last 7 or so years, there is hope that if Leaders and the people they lead do what they are suppose to do, things can and will change . Check out details for “UnCommon Transformation” here

 He has been seriously campaigning and soliciting for donations for his campaign. I strongly believe that having your Campaign funded increases your chances of really wanting to effect change. Basically you owe the people. So does one needs have a Godfather to run for office? How do campaigns get funded sef? Smh. Africanssss (in American accent)…Hopefully the big guns will fund his campaign..Or else if na me I go just jejely commot the party…and go to one that will gladly do so 🙁  What does this Camer chic know about politics talkess of naija politics 🙂 ..Well, I lived in Naija for 5 years if that counts..lol. 

Young people in Naija politics http://campaign.ng/latest-aspirants
Honestly I am impressed that in 2014 there are this many young people running for office in Nigeria..

In  other news, spouses are taking over…Case in point Zimbabwe..

Hope this trend continues to spread oh. .#Uche4Governor2015. I had to claim relationship. Person no know way e no luck go end..lol!

 Young people need to start of how to take over politics in Camer. What will it take for young people to get involved in politics?


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