Hello people…”Since As All Man Write” is a classic statement. If you didn’t read William Takor’s article about the Controversy surrounding Njama Njama Cow release..Please read it here..

..We all have opinions about popular and controversial topics..So “Since All Man Wan Write”..Have your say!

If you haven’t been following the Series “Chatting An Anglophone Nga” by VOC,   you need it check out..It just gives the  classic picture of the dating game…Boy Meets girl, girl is forming, Endless advice from girlfriends, Boy gets what he wanted from the start then starts forming..etc. 

Any topic related to relationships always get a lot of attention because that is one topic with many different angles and opinions. I am no expert on relationship..(Guilty has charged on some of the following points)..but menn. 

Case in point  recent posts related to “The Law of F** Yes or No” & Can Men & Women Just Be Friends??

The Merits Or Demerits of Technology
“Chatting An Anglophone Nga” aka the dating game seems to be getting more challenging. It is hard enough that we live in an ever busy world with lots of gadgets and apps but communication seems to be getting worst.There is more noise than actual Communication.Facebook, Whatsapp, Viiber, LinkedIn, Pinterest,snapchat, etc..

If you want to get the A1 on someone and their interests,opinions etc whom you are really interested in I  think it is easier than ever but hmm..Not sure if people make use of their “research tools”..hmm just saying. I am talker but with all this technology I was forced to become a chatter/texter..And even when you tell someone you are talker..Nada changes..I tire!

Fear of Letting Your Guard Down
People to be scared of letting their guard down at the beginning..i.e. the chase or getting to know each other? .We are all “forming” (naija slang for pretending or being overly cautious”). Guilty as charged. It is the “A girl/boy broke my heart so I really don’t know about you” trend. Classic comments “I think it comes with fear, apprehension and of course personality. There are some people with a multitude of degrees in risk-taking, and some that shy away from the unknown – man must protect ee heart. For some people na just childishness aha! …thinking that being chased and stringjng people along will prove that the guy/gal really get ya time – well be being there mmmsshhheww!! until the boat sails and you are drowning in your own tears. Me I am all for taking the risks oh…it’s a fucking yes or no, no in between. I like the read…even the usage of fucking fuck…

 “I say Talk is cheap. All thing wey I di read no be the same things wey I don notice in the past (after “Clint Eastwood” has been through town and emptied his loaded gun; firing on every cylinder like a Mexican Bandolero) 
Instead I don witness na Reclusiveness, sad/men-bashing status updates, weight gain, transferred aggression onto the potential “next” who has done nothing wrong, Toni Braxton on the playlist and renewed utter LOVE for this R. Kelly song”

What happened to just being honest? 

Is it a “Hell Yeah or No” ? 
Is it a hell yeah or no? Granted we are getting to know each other but can we just agree we are that point and take the time to know each other rather than be in this grey are? Sometimes one party (the lady) feels frustrated because the other person is not saying anything and doesn’t want to start the convo for fear of “over functioning”. Ladies you know what I mean..when you are going at 1000 km/hr and dude is at 10 km/hr. I think the older you get the decision making process has to be quick..It is either a hell yeah or no!! 

Dressing Up Men

This meme by Dr. Farrah Gray (who’s posts are always on point) says “Ladies make sure you find a WISE man. Don’t worry if he ain’t cute. You can dress up something that is ugly but you can’t cover up a fool #Amen” OK but is it too much to have both?? Just saying.. Classic comment “Women always looking for a man to dress up. Wuna think say we be doll baby? Smh” hahaha for real. 

“I Love You” Is Overrated
This pic best explains it..Actions speak louder than words!

“I can make any woman look fine physically if she has trust in me.True happiness comes from within n its not the physical.Beauty is substance”

On Marriage
This post on “Find Palava Woman” “On Marriage” is on point. 

On Relationship Advice Targeting Men
Please can someone write advice or a book targeting men? It is always a woman should..A woman should Catch a man and keep him, how a woman should be a submissive woman, How a woman should x y and z…A book on how to turn a man into a better man or boy into a man will be nice..Just saying..“Why Men Don’t Read Self Help”

” Oh who side all the better guys dem day?  Correct chap dem don no day again?” etc I think we should just go back to classic Hook up. Shirri’s Cousin Makah thinks she will get along well with Ngum’s cousin Ngwa..The HK(s) aka hookuper(s) have the interest of both parties at heart and I think the chances of success are higher..Just saying

What do you think? Classic HK or what? lol..Enjoy the VOC videos ..While you are at get some dancing going…”Sagat Sagat”..It shall be well.. Nothing spoil!!


Post by VOC.

Post by VOC.

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  1. Since ALL MAN WAN comment…LOL…let me add a comment here! First of all this was a fun read! Secondly, VOC is da bomb and has some funny stuff going on. Thirdly, that Takor guy is funny. I read his "Since All Man Wan Write" and it got me laughing.

  2. hahaha..thanks HotJem..The original "Since As All Man Wan Write" is a trip for real.lol!Follow up in the works!

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