Hello people.So the #OrangeWFP Campaign is on!! November 25th to December 10 are 16 days of Activism to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen…

And this one of the reasons I love FB is because I can get great feedback….(and of course harass people to get what is required…lol)

The #UNiTE  #OrangeWFP campaign  kicks off As UN Headquarters shines in orange to raise awareness 

My friend Shiela Elangwe who put me up to this and I just ran with
Frenn truly this morning raising awareness with tangerines & flyers

Seynabou Keita, Senior Staff Assistant, Remy Doumbia, Resource Management assistant, and Michelle Iseminger, Deputy Country Director, CO MALI

Michelle, WFP Deputy Director MALI

With my cousin Noela Tume Samson #MbohnyarSwag
Yours Truly

Julia Gham of PowerHouse Inc

Enow Ayukegba Aka True Lion. Sports Analyst Extraordinaire @Tru3football
Kweku Adu, Film Maker & Photographer Excellente @BTK International Studios 

Terese Tande…Chef Extraordinaire @CookingWithTerese

Makongi Yuyun…Thanks for the quick response sis!
Adeline Sede Kamga Editor & Consultant in Chief @FabAfriq

My friend Catherine Ndoping Nwana, Says NO from Bangalore, India
Estella Muma adds to the Punjabi Effect from Washington DC (pure

Moi @Flat Creek Estate #WineryThingz

Please do something similar in your network. Start a discussion on your community,social media, wear orange, have a girls night out and discuss how to help the cause of ending violence. To support this campaign, please send a picture of you wearing Orange to “Have your say” about this issue and will be quoted in a follow up post.

#OrangeWFP #UNiTE


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  1. Awww my girl this is a lovely write-up. I am happy you jumped in the band wagon to spread the word . A shout out to our men for joining us – without you we cannot achieve this. The higher you elevate us the furthest you get. Yes Men are the entry point to stop violence against women. Since we must eat healthy I offer you all a bright tangerine to please please say NO to Violence against Women

  2. I say not just physical violence; this also includes all areas of discrimination against women. This also requires the empowerment of women in our neighbourhoods!

  3. You are right..Women need to be empowered. We are in 2014 and women still go through a lot of discrimination around the world! This is post #2. The original post has more! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  4. Discouraging violence against women in the way you do is such a great cause. Thank for this Yefon

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