Hello people..I normally don’t do back to back Music Thursday but there are lots of good new and not soo new tracks and videos out so I had to. Please support up and coming artists by sharing and buying their music..The Camer Urban industry is in good place right now..Slowly but surely we carving our unique “Camer Soundz and Beatz”.Let’s #TrendCamerMusic. There is a new Music Blog in “town”…lol. Check out  “NDENGE” -THE PEOPLE – THE CULTURE – THE MUSIC

PhilJohn Beatz
PhilJohn is one of my all time fav beat makerz
King Kester – Nzinzi
Remixed by PhilJohn..Enough said!!

Bella –  Pala Pala Remix
Mani La Belle…Pala Pala is one of my favs..and I love this remix

Eddy B – I Want To Marry You (Go)
This track has to trend at wedding this December..I absolutely love it

Tay-O – Follow the Lida
The swag for this video na die..hahaha..Whats up with bikers and chics?? I am totally feeling it..Follow the Lida

Jintior Sieni – City Near You
OK take a quick trip to a city near you!! Once I get passed the Nwords..I am kinda!

JuiceJulius – Yankee
“Ya mama go go Yankee go Yankee go Yankee ehhh”  ok this bush falling. Loving it!

Ouilfreed Meyou – Na PoPôh ndolo Remix

MNW presents Na Popoh Ndole Remix , Prod by Dj Chriss and his team at  GhettoMusicProd. The video is Directed by Adah Akenji from AMusic Video Production.
” You habok me..Habok..You di turn turn me…No Popoh Ndolo…Time di go oh mami nyanga..No waste my time”

Le Macobo D’Eto’o 
Chaiii Camers no go kill me I beg…lol! I don’t even know what to say..I happy that someone reached one to me with this..Love it!

Leo NG – TPT  (Tuer Pour Tuer)
Tuer pour Tuer…In short..another lyrics way worry And Adah Akenji is def a “serial video killer”.. 

AL-K – Soffa Pikin 
Camer soldier..yes yes je confirme..OK the lyrics of this track are killing it.

Ama Fru – Ahead Ahead Lyric Video
“If you want do am step by step just wake up and try. Put one foot at a time. No let man discourage you” End off. Lyrics are on point. Looking forward to the video..As you can see he is “preppy” in his


Maknum- Elimb’a Dikalo
Proudly born and bred in Douala..I am in love with this track and video..chaii…In memory of Eboa Lottin. 

Daphne – Broken Lyrics Video
So yesterday SME Wednesday brought us the Lyrics video for Broken..Video & production done by the talented Nkeng Stephens. This is my best track of the Reflection EP. Which is now available on iTunes, google play & Amazon. 

Also check out her session with the one and only Brice Albin of Nostalgie FM to debut her Reflection EP here. Read the amazing Music Review on Scribblers From the Den here. 

“If you come to fix me. Then ma heart na ya own. But if come to break ma heart. No no no. Heartbreaker you no go ever see my heart. Cause I am already broken” 



 MTN Make The Music winner Salatiel to drop his video for Fap Kolo soon. Check out the Behind the scenes!!…”I di find ma own garri.”. Looking forward to it.

Enjoy the Music…Happy Thanksgiving to all my US peeps.


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