Hello people..It’s inspired 411 again. Atlanta based founder, CEO & president of W.I.L.D.E, Linda Arrey & 40 Girls and some shoes, Executive Director, Sylvie Webb, were on the hot seat on The Samy Priso Show. Their communities activities brought them together and the rest is history..

W.I.L.D.E (Women in Leadership, Development and Empowerment)
Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment, Inc. (WILDE) is a membership based leadership non-for-profit organization made up of a unique network of professional women from diversified backgrounds and experiences who aim at enhancing women’s skills and involvement at all levels of society. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of men, women and children of all ethnicities while creating better communities through our innovative approaches, network of women and services.

W.I.L.D.E. main goal is to enhance and empower better communities

40 Girls & Some Shoes

40 Girls and Some Shoes goal is to literally aid women, children and men who are taking that all important first step into a new life by providing them with new and gently worn shoes.
In addition to organizing our own shoe drives and fundraisers, we strive to make our mark by partnering with other beacons throughout the United States (shelters, ministries and government agencies) in their longstanding efforts to end homelessness.

On the heels of a woman is organization which brings together women in the non profit sector. 

I love the idea of community based leadership and empowerment. Watch and listen to these amazing ladies.

Thumbs up ladies. Great initiatives..To many more empowered community based activities.


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