Hello people…I usually don’t write about politics or religion but I had to on this one. There has been an uproar and marching over lives of journalists lost in Paris (may their souls rest in peace).. I don’t support the killings either but all I can say is that there is a thin line between satire and hate.                

On the Chibok girls. What is satire about this? May be my sense of humour is wack!

   Why are more people and the media not talking about what just happened in Nigeria?? Are African leaders also going to march and/or declare a day of mourning for these lives?? What are African leaders doing about this?

Way to go Boris Kodjo!

This is for the 2000 lives & more lost in Nigeria and the region as a whole. It’s been over 6 months since the Chibok girls saga and no news. My heart goes out to the parents and to the families of all the lives lost recently in Nigeria..Cameroon & its army seems to be the only ones bothered about what is happening in the region..And some have even lost their lives..May their soul rest in perfect peace.

As a Cameroonian, I am bit worried about the stability of all the countries around us. Cameroon just seems to be under attack. Breaking News…God Help Us.

This doesn’t look good!

African Leaders and World leaders please do something about the instability in Nigeria and West/Central African region as a whole. Who ever is trying to destabilize the region means business!

Hope the bigger Media channels  talk about this massacre….and get the facts straight…

Is this accurate CNN?? 

OK there are great cartoonists out there…Et P8 Koi?? 

Et P8 Koi?? LOL

I am Nigeria in Hausa

I Am Nigeria in Igbo

I am Nigeria in Yoruba

Pictures Courtesy of Facebookers…(Don’t you just love

#IamTheCameroonianArmy.   #ISayNoToMassacre #ISayNoToBeliefBashing #AllLivesMatter #IAmNigeria #RestInPerfectPeace #StopBH


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  1. Our head of states should learn from the EU instead of just being loyal slaves. Charity begins at home. If a mother does not show everyone how much she loves her children no one will show her children love. #AfricaUnite #AfricaStandForYourRights.
    Thanks for sharing this great article Yefon.

  2. Charity really begins at home! We have to tell our own stories! God Help Us

  3. It will be wise for us African's to note the term penny wise pound foolish.

  4. The Europeans have this on 24 news hour channels meanwhile all what you say above is barely mentioned in their media. our african presidents too no di try. president of benin was weeping in paris. a shame.

  5. 2000 African lives are worth less than 17 french lives…..I feel sorry for the people gunned down. thye had families that loved them. what i dont sympathise with is their ideology and line of work and their consistent provocation of extremists without fear of repercurssion. Oh and their double stanhdards. Mocking the holocaust is anti-semit but painting blacks as monkeys and insulting arabs is free speech..double standards BS…SCrew cHARLIE !!

  6. Yes I know about it..and I shared it. Had a good chat with the guy working on it!!

  7. Hahahaha..Charlie is in trouble oh. Double standards when it comes to freedom of speech!

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