Hello people..It’s MLK day..Happy MLK Day!!,_Jr._Day

Here are some of my fav quotes from twitter #MLKDay..

I can’t wait to watch SELMA…The story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

It is also my Bday…By the grace of God I am half way to being a Septuagenarian LOL. Happy Bday to Me!! 

My 3 Take away buzz words from our December 30th Bloggers Networking event  (stay tuned for recap and follow up) will be part of my biggest buzz words this year…Create-Connect-Cultivate.


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  1. Create Connect and Cultivate. I watched the BBCL report on youtube.

    Well done for all your initiatives. The buzz will definitely be bigger next year.

    It's good to see sisters that don't have the poverty mindset of not sharing information. Are not intimidated by competition. Empowering and encouraging not only women.

    Sir Allan Sugar recently said entrepreneurs are the backbone of UK economy.

    Fashion designer Diane Von F recently said " Every successful woman is an inspiration for another woman."

    This is no famzy or nepotism praise.

    Keep it alive. Keep encouraging and empowering others. This is what visionaries like MLKing and other well known aspired for us all.

    Joan Mak

  2. Wow…Thank you Mama for the kind words..I pray for bigger and better things this year. We can only get better if we encourage and empower each other!! Gracias

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