Hello people..It’s been a great week on the WWW..And just sharing a few proud #2374Life moments.

Enjoy! #Inspired #CamersRock 

CamPreneur, Alain Nteff  featured in the Huffington Post

2014 Anzisha Prize Fellow Nteff Alain developed mobile app for expecting moms in Cameroon

Age is just a number — just ask Alain Nteff.
At 22, Nteff — the youngest participant at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland — is fighting for moms and their babies in Central Africa.

He’s the founder of Gifted Mom — a mobile health platform that provides a variety of programs to moms and pregnant women, including maternal education, access to family planning and contraception services and information on when and how to vaccinate children safely. His innovation spurred the economic forum to name him a Global Shaper for 2015.

Read the rest of the story in this Huffington Post Article

 JA’ANU by Eposi Litumbe

Ja’anu is the Bakweri (A Cameroonian Tribe) expression for ‘Come here’. This is a monthly series with 6 minute long episodes of Travel and Adventure around the world with Eposi.
In this debut episode “Third World Culture kid” Eposi  explores Monaco


Kibonen NY Ripping NY in the Art Institutes -Monthly

Camer Diva, Antonia Mundi of Maischna Magazine (Official Media Partner) in Berlin for AFDB (African Fashion Day Berlin). 
Check out her coverage of different events and fashionista highlights at

Dr SEA talks about Hypertension Ask Docta Episode 3 

Ask Docta! Episode 3 Hypertension_1 Definition

CK Diamond of Presema spotted in a news paper from Potsdam making a statement about the Fashion Event in Potsdam 
Where are my bundestas? I need translation from

CamPreneur, Churchill Mambe Nanje featured on TechCabal.

Rene Awambeng, Group Head for Global Corporate for Ecobank in Amsterdam for the Global Finance Awards

He received the award for “Best Trade Finance Bank” for Ecobank Africa

The best storify ever on the Cameroon-Mali match by De Brauhill

LOL at Camers and our football obsession. #AFCON2015 

And to wrap up check out US based Camer artist Peter Jericho spend a “Lucky Day” in Port au Price, Haiti..#237Proud..

Video & pictures courtesy of the www…

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Spread some good cheers..It’s Friday. Have a nice weekend.


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  1. Yeah! I am stoked to see all this information and updates on Cameroonians! We are finally getting our names out there! Kudos to IRepCamer for putting all these www's together!!

  2. This is a great article IRepCamer. We are taking over by hook or crook. I hope i get enough time to do another sportified storify for the Cmr- Guinea match…..Keep it up!!!

  3. Taking over time is here…#237pple going places, doing great things. Thanks IRep Camer for sharing Camer positive vibes. Keep inspiring!!

  4. "Our time is now"…lol. We are taking over for sure..Glad to see more people sharing more and more positive stories about Camers!!Love y'all my fellow "colleagues".,..haha..Bon Weekend!

  5. Great! My mom will be proud to see my big bro and myself featured here. Thx IRepCamer!

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