Hello people..I know Camers are still trying to get over our dismal performance at AFCON 2015. 

I am generally clueless about sports but at I least know that Finke is the coach, Mbia is the Captain and everyone keep asking why Clinton Njie didn’t play any match.

#BringBackClinton Njie has been trending all over social media.

Looking back at Cameroonian football  one cannot help but ask why it is in its current state. 

The Status Quo of Camer Football: What, Why, When, Where, Who and How did we get to this point? 

Some people are attributing it to the coach, others to tribalism and nepotism, others to FECAFOOT..and the reasons continue.

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Apparently “Clinton Njie is dangerous”

Have your say..What is your take on the Status quo of Camer Football? What are your recommendations on moving forward?

While you are at it..Keep calm, take a selfie and join the contest..There many other topics to “have your say” so check out the blog & FB page for updates.

Happy Thursday..It’s almost the weekend!


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  1. All the Above plus Owona and FECAFOOT na Problem. Even Fans and Facebook Tigers na problem. Inshort, the thing complicated bad lol

  2. The country is plaque with moral decadence. You see,Ghana used to be so corrupt, but when Jerry Rawlings overthrew the government, he wiped out all the political leaders in the government and today Ghana is one of the best African countries in Africa.Cameroon is so soaked in corruption and corruption is our greatest enemy. We need total cleansing of our political leaders, from the very top to bottom. There is a huge problem with our political system…We can't really be yelling at the coach knowing how corrupt our leaders are.. There are a lot of opportunities in Cameroon, but the decay in the country has destroy everything. We cannot move forward unless there is a change of leadership. Corruption is now a culture in our country;until we starting decrying such cultures, then will things begin to change.Everything is wrong as to why the Lions were defeated

  3. Great points Mimi. I don't think only a change in leadership will help. If you ask me. No other party is "cleaner". There is a big need for a mindset change from top to bottom. How that will be achieved is another question. There is corruption even in football? It is sad, why is there a coach and/or football organization? No point!! Sad sad.

  4. When the team is performing well, the players take the credit. When its bad they blame the coach. This time around we have to call a spade a spad:

    The coach didint field a very effective team so he failed in that milieu. The players who were fielded were not that good either. The team is clearly lacking a incisive and fast midfielder…someone who can read the game and make swift and decisive passed to the attcking line…Mbia is a central defender who was pushed forward to play midfield. That not only weakened our defense it was ineffective in the midfield.As such we rarely controlled any games…Players take the fall for their lackluster performances…Salli is not a good attacker. CFs are smart people who know where to position themselves upfront, The guy isnt. Aboubakar is almost as bad…CLinton Njie who is good and smart and has the build and swiftness to displace defenses wasnt fielded ( coaches fault….his changes didint improve the game…)..Njie proved he could have changed the destiny of the team even though he played only 20 mins….The team lacked maturity and experience….etc etc I can go on and on about the little issues but What is needed is a onverhaul of the entire management and put in people who have a vision, strategy and plan to build a real team…..If not ..for 10 more yrs we will be talking abt the same BS

  5. Finke is tactically limited. A good coach reads the games and make substitutions that change the game. All of Finke's substitutions had little effect on the game. It is hard to believe that Finke had total control of the team, otherwise, I wonder why one of the best midfielders in Europe currently, that is Alex Song was not called up.
    Like Braun Hill mentioned we needed a visionary in the middle of the park that could make swift and decisive passes. Song will have been a perfect solution to that problem as that is a very strong aspect of his game. He has been a true inspiration to WHU.
    I also saw the resume of Finke posted somewhere and that got me smh. jules Nyonga, Akono, and the rest have far more better resumes.

  6. Thanks for the insight. Your analysis worry oh. Please join the "Fon Echekije" Honorary Awards crew..lol. The coach, the management! #BringBackClintonNjie. Well..Until next time?? country? year??

  7. Hello Divine, thanks for your comment. Basically we need a com plate overhaul then? coach, management, vision etc. And the coach doesn't have to be a foreigner.

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