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“Since All Man Wan”..This post is about social media etiquette & the tidbits of “Millennial Speak”.It is based on my observation on different social media sites.

Inspired by Muke Alison’s post below..Muke is one of my fav fashion bloggers who blogs at Alison’s Lets Talk Fashion….

 Multiple Hello Hi Messages,
Facebook Calls & The Art of  having a Conversation

This is annoying…As you can see from Muke’s status above!!”Hello, Hi, Hello, Hi..How are you? Hello”…The conversation (sometimes one sided) can go on for a while. Get the message. The person doesn’t want to chat with you. Please let him or her be! 

Honestly some people need to learn the art of having a conversation. These days it is easy to do research on a “kater” or “katees”..Paysan guy dem I beg if you want chat chap, do your research ya.Depending on a person’s activity on social media it is easy to create a profile about them. Likes/dislikes/location/style/opinions etc..Check his/her instagram, pinterest, blog,twitter if you have to and vice versa. Sometimes it helps to have mutual friends because they may “buy your case”. 

Please please please stop making calls to random people on Facebook. If you call someone and they don’t answer, two options: busy or does not want to talk to  you.Please do stop the back to back calls. You can send the person a message asking if someone is free for a quick chat. Since all man wan  “interact” sef for social media na wah. That said, you never know who you can meet or dealing with so try to be respectful in your response. The world is a global village and within a certain demographic it is scary how connected people are. People don meet and marry for this Mark Zuckerberg e big and mighty network..So you never know!

Typing in CAPS

This is not just social media etiquette. It is a known that typing in capital letters is equivalent to shouting.

The Art of Tagging
Why do people tag people who are not on your friend’s list? It still beats me. No offence but you should know if you are in someone’s “tagging crew” based on your “tag rate” and interaction.Some people never participate in discussions even when they are tagged. If you don’t slowly but surely you will exiled from the X or Y’s “tagging crew”. I don’t know who writes these rules but it happens like magic..I am an observant person so I “see” these Don’t blame me!
 Tagging in some cases is also reciprocal. Based on their social media interaction you should know the topics  of discussions in which certain people participate in. Please I’ll say it again. Please stop tagging me on “What a woman should or a man should, since all man wan better chap or paddy man..”

Personal attacks in a debate/discussion 

My TOL (Thinking Out Loud) status messages are usually rants about an observation, trending topic or something that just ticked me off..Some people take the “What’s on your mind” too far though..Let me leave it at that.
Agree to Disagree
A debate or discussion is just what it is but some people take it personally. It is suppose to be a banter and exchange of ideas and opinions. I have learnt a lot from discussions on Facebook. Isn’t that part of the beauty of social media? Improving awareness and education. Please refrain from getting personal because you will get it right back…(especially from me you will). There are debates that lead to people literally throwing punches at each other. I know it is “free world” on social media but personal attacks or insulting messages should not be the norm. I personally stopped posting on a group because of the continuous insults and attacks on Christians.  You don’t have to agree with a stand or opinion or believe but that doesn’t mean you should be throw punches or  insults at someone just because we are social media.Let’s agree to disagree.

Satire vs. Insult vs. Hate
There is a thin line between all three…

Being the “Mistakes Watchdog”
Some people their work na only for spot others their mistakes?? ah ah..I’d rather not post a flyer because of the its design especially if it is for good cause than post and bad mouth it..There is a way to give feedback without being mean. If you really have a good intention and interest at heart, sometimes an inbox message will do to alert someone on a mistake.  

The Selfie Craze..
I beg I no fit shout for this Selfie revolution..Since all man want take selfie..haha..The IRepCamer selfie competition is on and ends today at 4:00pm Central US time (GMT-6). It features Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Taking 101 video so check it out. No comment on selfies though but some are just hmmm..Here are some my fav selfies spotted around the www of FB!

IRepCamer Self Gallery. Vote Here till Tuesday February 3rd, 4pm Central time(GMT-6)

Online Videos
The next “big things” after selfies are videos. This smartphone technology is  not meant for just smart people. (pun intended). Some of the videos you see just crack you up..Please up and coming “comedians” using social media to promote your content…You don’t have to insult a group of people to be “funny”..Goodluck with the reaction you might get because it may back fire! If you are trying to build a following, please refrain from borderline satire aka insults!

There is some really funny content out there…

Be Bold if you are going to “call out”. Blanket/generic statements about a group of people is a No No

This one is for artists/celebrities..  If you have beef and you are going to do a “call out” post  especially about a blogger, please have the audacity to call them out.You can also do an obvious call out without  citing names.. Ehmm so what if someone published a story that annoyed you? It is called GOSSIP (In caps). If you are in the “news” it means somehow you are relevant. All i will say is do not bite the hands that promote you! Then again, there is gossip and there is insult. Some pages specialize insulting people in the name of “Celebrity Gossip”. “Haters Will Always Hate”

Acknowledge the people who promote you… 
I know I already sound like a broken record on this one. This one is also for our up and coming Camer celebrities. Acknowledge the people who promote you by sharing their links on your page and shout outs. It feels good to be acknowledged and appreciated. Unfortunately our celebs prefer to share links of Nigerian blogs e.g. who feature their music rather than even one of the numerous Camer blogs that feature the their tracks/videos! As the saying goes “charity begins at home”. 

Support is Reciprocal. 
If you want support give it. Enough said!

A Social Media Influencer 
If you want to build a following on social media or become an influencer you cannot afford to be “media shy”. Post pictures, stir up engaging discussions, share information, participate in thought provoking discussions,support initiatives, promote others….If you want to be featured on blogs, send bloggers information.Celebrities, you need feed the public with information. Please do not be “media shy”. If people are talking about or around you..Word: “You are Trending”. It is important to know  “Who is Who” aka the influencers and  experts in your domain of interest and how to tap into their knowledge and/or circle of influence. If you are an artist, brand, blog or business learn how to use social media to effectively promote yourself and your brand! Everyone is a personal brand. These days  your online resume is important. 

Commenting on Blogs
Please keep calm and comment on blogs. Kudos to The HotJem for nominating herself as the “Comment Police”

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of comments on some blogs because of the HotJem’s post. A big THANK YOU to my IRepCamer readers/followers/fans. It definitely means a lot and makes a difference when you add your say and opinions.

Publish accurate information & refer your sources

As a blogger, I do not want to misinform or spread false information because it affects my credibility!I know..”since all man wan” be media on social media..Isn’t that the beauty of social media? The rate at which information travels is mind bugging. It is important to publish information as accurate as possible and refer your sources (very important!)

Linked in is Not Facebook

Please keep it professional. LinkedIn is not a dating site. You can use it as a “research tool” to “size up” someone.

My Fav pins from Pinterest on Social Media Etiquette for business & personal use!

Pinspiration #1

Pinspiration #2

Pinspiration #3

Pinspiration #4

Pinspiration #5
Check out this Market Watch article. “Your Facebook “cult” won’t let you quit.                                        

Tidbits of “Millennial Speak” 

What do all  these acronyms? #WCW #MCM are 2 of my favs . This “social media”/texting language is finding its way into frequent communication and it is hard sometimes to follow a conversation or read because it is punctuated with too much of “Millennial speak” with acronyms, text language and hashtags. There are a few worth knowing since they are frequently used on social media. 

LOL – Laughing out Loud

MCM – Man Crush Monday

WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday

FBF – Flash Back Friday

TBT – Throw Back Thursday

YOLO – You Only Live Once

SMH – Shaking my head

The first time i heard “TURN UP”   ( which means to have fun) from my siblings I was lost and it led to a brief lesson in “Millennial Speak”.

Here’s a good article on the popular social media hastags

I need tutorials on how to add “special emoticons” (especially the ones with hands on your head) on comments..haha. Apparently they are called “Emojis”? Even the Whitehouse uses them..haha.

 Check out this article on colour trends..Marketing to  Millennials 101!

A New Era of Social Media
It is interesting to see the communities/initiatives/ideas/causes that originate from social media. Social Media is the new Era. It has changed the way people interact with each other and how companies brand and market themselves. I was part of the organizing team of a networking event for bloggers and entrepreneurs last December in Douala, Cameroon.It was an amazing but challenging experience. Read about it here.

2 Examples 

Camer Divas
Camer Divas is a network of bloggers & entrepreneurs. Check out the Camer Divas Facebook page here. Stay Tuned!

Introducing Afriqsutra.. It’s sexual education reloaded, African style. The collaboration of  social media enthusiasts [inspired by a Sunday viral video & post by Dr. SEA (below) ] resulted in Afriqsutra. 

My social media world

Since all man wan talk for social media. What are your social media pet peeves? What do you like/dislike? 

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest, the HotJem, Facebook & yours truly (designed on &

Happy February!


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  1. Hahahahaha Yef Melanie, this your post sweet me bad. You wrapped up everything. Social media pomporom.

  2. OMG OMG Yef, Where should I begin to give my comments. FB calling, all the hi, hello, hi beauty, are u there? massages, insulting each other, degrading each other, tagging because we want to tag, not promoting our own, ………or is it about to check out profiles. Never ending list if we have to start naming them. Should I take each topic and comment on? I'll finish the provided comment space LOOOL. You said it all. I love you post. You spoke my mind. Keep it up honey. I love your writing.

  3. We should start giving correct back scratching…the right one that we all should feel good after the scratch!!! hahahahhahahahaha…

  4. Hahaha Sheryl, you are a trip! I shared a post on my FB blog page and told the guys who featured on the post, if y'all don't share it, I am not. And the sharing began. Our up and coming celebs have a lot of learning to do. We go only force hook or crook lol

  5. Yefoooooon I just LOVE today's blog post!! You touched on almost everything that we all have experienced…Blogger or NOT. Thank you for putting all the Social Media Etiquette rules out there. Like seriously people need to understand how to behave online and how to use Social Media correctly. Even for non-bloggers some of these rules will come in handy. I particularly love "I scractch you back you scratch mine". There are many who one has promoted but when you ask them to help promote one little thing for you they turn their backs. Never bite the hand that promoted you hahaha. I also like that you mentioned people should stop with all the necessary tagging. I go through an average of about 40 -50 tags a day and more than half are from people who I have no business with them. Some will add me as a friend and immediately start tagging me as if I'm their easy link to a mass audience. NO, NO, NO. I just delete them!

  6. hahahaha. The HotJem Thank Youuuuuu…The overtagging is not even funny. It means one thing…"You are trending" and people want to be affiliated to you in one way or other!You have a n audience! I feel you on the reciprocal support..What about the people who are featured on a blog post and cannot even share it? Seriously? I recently started putting my foot down. If you can't even share your feature..I am not sharing!!

  7. Thank You!.No worries Sheryl…space no di finish for internet for comment..LMAO!!

  8. Can bloggers also learn to acknowledge their commentators. Give and it shall be given to you. Chai why are camair bloggers stingy too na … no giveaway???? GIVEAWAY…

  9. Hello Anonymous, thanks for your comment. Not sure when you started checking my blog. Giveaways are usually sponsored. Check the "Giveaways" tab on this blog. There is an ongoing photo contest with prizes to be won. More giveaways coming up. Btw, blogging is not a paid job. Most people do it out of passion!

  10. Don't I just luv u moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee for dis post? no vex becos of my endless e…lol Just hope readers will learn one if not many things from this post

  11. Hi Yefon, yes you do giveaway.
    But as I stated it was a general statement to Camair bloggers. So far I have only seen Skinny Bish, Simply Cyn , Mbole, Moity and you; giveaway. Most blogs on your blog roll list Phian! Nope. For this is my point of contact in regards Camair bloggers.

  12. You put quite a lot together and I support that. Good job. One important point though – putting up pictures without person's consent. This is not about group pictures. I see pictures of coworkers, other people's kids etc. Meeting friends with people you don't know and putting up the pictures without asking.

  13. Thanks Krystine for the point of pics. I am very particular about where my pics end up so I generally don't put up pics of others. I'd rather email or send them via inbox unless you want me to post them! Some people are big on their privacy and I think it should be respected.

  14. LMAOOO Yefon!!! This post was long and juicy! Wehh, where do I start and where do I end? All is that Camer men dem know how to lurkkk but they will prefer for a dog to rip off their hand than to leave comment anywhere, not just on the blogs! Lol!!! Thanks for this! Oh and make no chap try for chat me online oo! Talk about :baby you looking good in them IG pics.." And so??????? LOL I joke

  15. hahaha. Brenda."All is that Camer men dem know howto lurkkkkk….". OK I no go even comment on the last!

  16. Hi Brenda

    Love your blog. But one of the pet peeves is that, not every body has a google account to leave comments. I think you had problem with the WordPress where someone was living spasm messages or advert. Get in touch with someone in IT on how to filter that.

  17. Interesting angle Yefon – kind of the do's and don'ts in the unwritten contract of virtual interaction! I hate those persistent monologues/one sided chats and please, no one died and made you Jesus, so it's not gospel truth unless you're referring me to indisputable scientific research: agree to disagree. P/S, if you're going to get into a verbal battle, be armed with facts, language and biting humour! Keep it up!

  18. LMAO.Layih..No one died and made you Jesus??..Some people have verbal battles with no facts! Annoying. Thanks for stopping by!

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