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 Dr Nicoline Ambe‘s new book “Above & Average..”  is an Amazon Best Seller

The book offers simple but effective strategies that parents can immediately implement at home to help their children get good grades in school and position them for success in college, career and life

Available in Kindle & Paperback here

Rene Awambeng  of Ecobank on Vox Africa “Focus on Ghana”
René Awambeng of Ecobank discusses an initiative introduced by APP and Invest In Africa for SMEs.

Viola Llewellyn Featured in the Bold & Fearless List of the 30 Most Notable Africans of 2014
If you’ve never met Viola Llewellyn, you’re missing out. Part brilliant businesswoman, part comedienne, she takes work just as seriously as play. From starting her investment firm with a partner more than 15 years ago, to launching an innovative platform—Ovamba—for investing in African businesses, Llewellyn is a woman on the move. Ovamba was created to support African economies by improving access to credit for the small and medium enterprise (SME) market.

Read the rest of the story on the Bold & Fearless Here

Christian Ngan founder of Madlyn Cazalis on the Forbes List of 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa

After working in financial services in France, first as an analyst at French investment bank Quilvest Group and as an associate atFindercord in Paris, Christian Ngan returned home to Cameroon to start his own business in 2012
Read the story on Forbes here 

 Kibonen Nfi on the Sandra Appiah Show

 The Kibonen NY designer guest stars on the Sandra Appiah Show. 

Honorine urges Cameroonians to be supportive (of the Entertainment Industry)

Beleh & Damaru To Feature in Houston African Film Festival this weekend
Two short films from Cameroon: Beleh & Damaru will feature in this year’s edition of the Houston African Film Festival this weekend.

Introducing Camer Divas: A Network of Bloggers & Entrepreneurs
Camer Divas strive to become the premier network for female bloggers & entrepreneurs in Cameroon & the diaspora. Check out their activities here and stay tuned for updates.

Charlotte Dipanda’s Album “Massa” is here
Charlotte Dipanda’s album Massa is now available on iTunes…

Ella N’a Pas Vu

Reconnecting with Ntjam Rosie’s Music
I love her music.I am so happy I reconnected with Ntjam Rosie’s Music. She sings from the soul!! She is currently on a club tour and her  single “The One” is available on iTunes

Spotlight on Stanley Enow on Ndani TV
And to Wrap up.. Enjoy this Inspiring Video of our award winning Starboy Stanley Enow on Ndani TV. Now loading #KingKong

Stay Tuned for next week’s Music Thursday post for Valentine’s day! 

The Go Green Campaign is coming up..

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  1. Asehhhhhhhhhhhh Yefon no be u say TGIF?? i thought u were going to enjoy urself Thanks for this review…i like..The female artist, Ntjam Rosie is a class!i did not know about her…ur blog is an eye opener

  2. I love this Yefon! So many great features and activities this week by Cameroonians! Stanley Enows video with ndaniTV was trending big time on my blog this week with tons of views!

  3. Hahaha..TGIF means different things to different You can say that again. She is a class act indeed!

  4. Starboy's Ndani TV video is still trending oh!! Camers are doing great things across the globe!!

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