Hello people. It is another Music Thursday. Na “new year new fashion”….  ’cause everyone is stepping up their game. Here are the sights and sounds that have kicked off 2015. Looking forward to a bigger and better year in Camer Entertainment

It’s 237 Music Reloaded..Enjoy

Tokee Lala – Pack Fine
This is one of my artists to promo this year. She was introduced to the Camer Music scene on January 3rd and already on a roll.  Check out her Liiber London/William Nsai  Bubbles Valentine’s day shoot on the HotJem here. Photography, Styling check check!! The #Packfine movement continues..

Miss Lena – I Day What I Day
Miss Lena237 always cooks up something on good in the studio. The choice of artist to collabo with on this track. “I day what I day..Miss Lena237 Unapologetic of what I am”..OK Tom Kingue fit rap  yahh. 

Tilla ft Shey & Reniss – Pantana 
The newest New Bell Music signee, dope rapper gyal Tilla teams up with Shey & Reniss on Pantana off the label’s Lord Have Mercy EP  “All day no be Christmas. Like you chook am for ma ear. White colan red high heel. All di nga dem want dress me”. Shey is now on my list of IT rappers..

Pascal ft Shey – Horsepower
Pascal & Shey totally nailed this track. This is my best track on the Lord Have Mercy EP. “I meetop di chikala na for Facebook….then I wise say na small crook when I see e selfie for Instagram”..Lyricsss “You are the main man”…lol. 

Magasco – No Man No WoWo
The video for No Man No Wowo…”If some man tell you say you wowo…”…you go do weti the Empire artist’s video!!

El Kana – 237 Degrees
“They say I must be doing magic”.”Di nga no want for esele me”..OK dude! 

Terence – Babe Mine
Feeling the intro of this “Babe Mine”. “On the first day when I saw you. You were like the sun..”. Pay guy dem get

Xvirius ft West Don – Wadu Remix
This one na rap for lamnso…lol..If you understand the dialect you will enjoy the song wayy better #ProudToBeNso. Na Mr. Adrenaline direct am!!! “..Ley mo ah wanvinii rom ver ahh..Ah Baa wiri Mami wiri ley ver ah..Ah wanle ngo e  she’eri ahh” translation “Look at how the children are staring at us. The Baas and Mami are looking at us. The young girls are happy..” Dope lyrics..haha

Young Fame ft Blueprint
“If you di hate go and use the rope”..”Everybody say Lalala lalaa”. OK I kinda feel like I am in Lala

Prosper Menko – Holy Ghost Party
“This is a holy ghost party..Hands in the air. Put your hands in the air”….Hands in the air for this one..Directed by Geraldrico…

Dareal – Baisse La Garde
Official Dareal groupie..”Varon et Markouya ne cohabite pas”…”Le temps c’est l’argent”…For real…”Baisse La Garde. Mola Baise La Garde

Nic Mayor – Love With You
“Your behind is killer. I no go lie. Your walket lifts me higher..I no go lie..”…”.Na big mansion you want. Na designer you want” ?? Some chics are lucky ph!!

Ebako ft T-Boi – Strictly Financial 
“When I pull up in the club…” No comment ’cause you are “Strictly financial”…

LA Bizu & Duke Jr – Shoki Decalement 
LA Bizu is a Cameroonian artist based in UK, he released his first singles ‘Makossa’ and Jagada in 2013 and released this track recently.
“Shoki Decalement..ah decalement…” “Baby cam shoki for me. If you like chop ma money.I go still call you honey”…OK oh..LOL
Ghetto Prince – Promises
“Jaws against the concrete and backs against the wall…Nice suit. Nice tie.. He must be the one”..African hiphop by Dallas based!! “I promise I will love you forever. Baby promise me you will me too”..Well!

Snazzy – Don’t Like
“I am digging you, I’m loving you..Don’t like the way you play me around”..Ok people stop playing people!

Mbwoge PJ – Fine Girl
“Ma fine fine lady..Ma fine baby ehh..Fine girl fine girl why you di do me do me so eh”… Fine girls wuna no di do paddy man dem so for this outside so ehh I

Prime Time Boyz – Maboya
Prime Time Boyz is a Houston based crew of Camers. They explore personal, modern and cultural memories in their music. Their creative process in music emanates from all genres of music creating an excellent blend within the Afro Pop genre. Their work integrates into various domains that touch on reality, playful insights, and culture. 

Some of their impressive upcoming work includes a collaboration with Eddy Kenzo and Stanley Enow on a song titled “Comment ça va” produced by Demsa and Young D which will be dropping later on in the year. “MABOYA” (Gold Digger) produced by Giggz Baba is a combination of Makossa, Coupe Decale, Pidgin Rap, French and English.

I am definitely feeling the language mix. Isn’t that part of reality of being a paysan?lol..”Elle te fait le boucan..Maboya”

On the Replay 
Locko – Margo
I can’t enough of this track. Margo just takes you another place …”I’ve looking round. I ain’t seen none”….”Girl I’m loosing my mind oh..ah ehh”…

Missy BK – Ndolo 

“Na the thing way you di do me soo….Na Ndolo, Na Ndolo di carry me go” Just released yesterday this  Afrozouk track by Canada based artist Missy BK featuring Canadian Haitian Reggaethon artist Ish already has 5500+ plays.

The Best Music crew is on the replay..Check out “In the Music” EP 1

Vumouse ft Nami Nami Cyrus – You too much
“Papa God you too much ehh…Why you di vibrate..Why you di shake shake..” This is def a feel good gospel track off Vumomse’s Rakata album .”This kind love i never see…Nami Nami….” 

Nami Nami Cyrus – Ekwakajo

Ekwakajo chop ma dough”..”I di see clear I no be left eye”?? .Aren’t some girls just lucky? haha. I love  the track produced by one of my producers extraordinaire, Slimbeatz & Nami Nami’s flow style..And doesn’t this dude have swag?? “Boy so clean they call me new merchandise”[that’s from another track…haha]

Mic Monsta – E No Dey

“Cut your coat according to your size but di repe dey di coat their coat according to the material”….” “I fit conjur the future. boh I  no be prophet but all di bad repe dey go one day kick bucket..They di take man like their business so I wish them bad market..Dey joh di mash man..Carpet” .. You already know what I think of Mic Monsta..He is the lyricist..Chaiii..E No Dey was released on his Birthday!

New Artist Spotlight

Makon – Halla Your Matta

Yong Mark Ndi aka Makon is a vibrant singer whose first single showcases his word play and “joie de vivre”. Signed to One-Touch Entertainment, Makon is ready to take on the world of Music with his firebrand style.

 “Halla Ya Matta” is an Afro-beats induced record. Produced by Emile “Oga” Ngumbah, the music is had to resist. The beat is laced with vocals that speak of the everyday struggle of the youths (to make it in society). “…We di hustle every day…I want people to dance and celebrate when they hear this song…it’s a playful dance song about struggles, success and celebration” says Makon. Makon is currently putting groundwork towards a full-length album. “I want to make more music and I look forward to seeing how people respond to this first single.”

 Halla Ya Matta will be released Feb 10th 2015 and will be distributed via iTunes and other digital outlets. The video was just released today!!

LCA, DydyF & Draco – One Est Al

”Tu a le swag a check”…For real! These 16 & 17 year old first year university boys decided to take their passion into their hands and there you go…

237 Soul Divas

Lorine Chia – Garage Band
“Slow down cause I am stuck on rewind…Wait on me..” OK I am in love with her music of this US based artist..
Charlotte Dipanda – Elle n’a pas vu
Soul Diva Charlotte Dipanda released her album “Massa” last week.This video and track just calm me down!!    

Danielle Eog Makedah – Here We Come
Looking forward to the track. The beat is on point!

Ntjam Rosie – Dear to me
 Ntjam rosie is on a league of her own..”You’re special and dear to me..”

LAB’L – Ma Ve Wa Ngan
Music is a universal language..I don’t need to understand all of what she is saying..This is good music period..”It is soo beautiful to feel your love..”

Sonya Kay – Avec Toi
“Je ve vivre avec toi…Je ve tu te dir de ma vie…” Love me some Sonya Music

Thumbs up -237 Collabo Thingz

K-Mer United – Je Suis Kolofata 
“It’s NOH sound music” #StopBokoHaram #JeSuisKolofata #IamTheCameroonian Army #JeSuisLarmeeCamerounaise. 
This is the best use of music I have seen in a long time..Thumbs up to tall the artists who featured on this track. Identify any artists? Name them!

Rythmz ft X Maleya Dancia
I can’t get enough of this track and video. The NHNR duo Rythmz nailed this collabo with X Maleya. “Oversabi no di hide when you see am eh. So there’s no need to run away” Dancia oh wehhhhh

2face ft Stanley Enow – How e go be
These guys need no introduction..Naija + Camer = ……Collabo (fill in the blanks)

Numerica ft Bana C4 – Kossa Moi Ca
I love this collabo of fine guy with plenty swag, Numerica and Congolese crew Bana C4 “On va ca s’amuser…Tout le monde….Mon ami Kossa Moi Ca”

Highlights of Today’s MT

Bikim – Mon pays se meurt
 This realest spoken word music track is IT!

Micheal Kiessou ft C Prime
“Ladies and gentlemen..Hope Music Group..In collabo with AMusic present to you Micheal Kiessou feat C Prime…” Let’s goooo. The video didn’t disappoint. It just makes me love the track more. Love the tribute to the Camer Army theme! Directed by the one and only swag Adah!

Wax Dey-Makossa
The Afrobeat music empire in the making [*hidesface*] mogul’s video had to be this FRESH…enough said!

Ambe D’Bou
It’s another PhillBillBeatz exclusive..”This is ma story. this is ma song. Ma mama told me, my son you gotta be strong. Ma mama told me Ambe you gotta be strong …Oya follow ma leader..Allez..”

After releasing two successful and well recived singles “Rendez-Vous” and “Les Filles de mon pays” Red Eye Entertainment front man AMBE releases a new song titled “DBou” meaning “StandUp”. We no doubt  have an instant club banger and will be rocking the clubs nationwide in no time. DBou was produced by no other than the fast rising producer. PhillBillBeatz

Peter Jericho – Lucky Day
“Traditional. Kaba music..I beg die..Na the woman  you give me papa na e this I di marrate am so. I be the man way you e papa…..Let’s throw a big celebration”. Peter Jericho groupie..Any time any day!!

Jovi On AfroBuzz
Check out this Jovi on Afrobuzz Interview
Love the interview with Le Monstre lyricist especially the presenter’s style! “…C’etait CA$HHH..”

Coming Soon

Ewube Party All Nyte Video [Enjoy the teaser]
Its Ewuuuuube  “Attention like a commando…” . This is the first lady of Best Music..This is one artist on my to heavily promo  in 2015 list…’cause it’s going down!

Askia No Worry Me Video  [Enjoy the Teaser] 
DJ Karl on the beatz. “I ain’t got no worries. Bad belle I’m sorry. If you’re trying to stop ma shine…” Na really I’m sorry ma own na changi! Looking forward to see what Mutumbu records feeds us with!

Stanley Enow – KingKong

YM’s V Day’s Playlist

Les Ways Ndolo 
Les ways Ndolo playist for the hopeless romantics..Enjoy!!

Check out 2 of my Fav Music Blogs :Mutumbu UnpluggedNdengeh 

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